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Statues at Union Station. #dc
Worked out today for the first time in 3 days. I’ve been feeling super tired so decided my body needed a break. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but not too long ago I would’ve stressed about taking 3 days off. 🤯

But the last year I’ve learned so much from injuries about truly valuing & listening to my body. It’s a practice for sure, but I’m getting so much better about resting when I need to and pushing hard when I have the energy. 
Resting is literally JUST as important as your workout! And no, you’re not going to “loose it” by taking days off. Just the opposite actually, rest is when our body builds and recovers. 
But what’s most important is nurturing your body, and showing love for everything it does for you! 🙌🏼💪🏼
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. Everything in life requires the right ratio, just like a small gas engine requires 50 to 1 oil/gas ratio for your chainsaw.  same thing holds true such as when you're cooking off of a recipe let's say you want to double that recipe, so now you need to double the ratio of each ingredient for it to turn out correctly.  sometimes when it comes down to our own personal interests we have to be doubly hard on ourselves we may need to Increase our level of self-discipline and become more organized and increase that ratio so that when that is established there is a higher likelihood of being successful because you have clarity of mind from which you can act from.  in relationships you may need to increase the ratio of your level of generosity from where it was to create a higher vibrational sense of giving of yourself, remember people see you in action they know when you're late or when you're heavy on the love they know when you're not doing enough of something and when you're over doing something so there is that perfect ratio that you need to look at.  The underlying result is you don't wanna go overboard with a good thing because that'll throw off the ratio of the other things in your life so it's all about finding a balance and maintaining that. .
This picture depicts a scene at the landing and the snow typically at the shore has blown up so if you go off of the beaten path it'll easily be 2 feet of deep sticky snow and then ice underneath that so you'll definitely get stuck in a heartbeat. It is usually all the early morning ice fishermen that venture out will make the trail and create the pass so that you can keep your tires in the track to get out to where you need to go the only problem is at some point you have to venture off the main path and make your own that requires that you pick the right spot. .

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Sebuah potret masa kini yang selalu ingin dimengerti tapi tak mau mengerti

Sebuah zaman era kini yang ingin dihargai tapi tak mau menghargai

Bukan kah harga diri, jati diri harus dibarengi rasa saling mengerti

Jika tak ada empati jangan berharap simpati

Jangan mencaci 
Jika tak mau dibenci 
Sekali kali introspeksi agar tau kualitas diri 
Terkadang hidup tak selalu harus serba sendiri

Siapa yang tak bisa adaptasi harus siap di eliminasi

Nothing burns like the snow!