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😢🙏🙏🙏Sending prayers to all the animals...🌏🌏🌏 #saveamazonia #savetheamazon #saveamazon #prayer #prayers #lightworker #lightworkersunite #lightworkersofinstagram #lightworkersunited
When competition and strife present themselves—when others believe they’ve got the upper hand or an advantage over you, when they try to keep you feeling down and discouraged—be still and see the situation for what it really is. Do not engage or stay in the emotion but rather, see their role as a blessing in disguise and continue on your path. What they’re striving for isn’t meant for you. It’s small and insignificant compared to the brighter, more fulfilling purpose that awaits.

And when you do, new blessings and opportunities will present themselves. God will send likeminded souls to support your desires and help you manifest your light in this world! Stay focused and claim your power! xo 💫
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These days I can safely say that I love myself more than ever... Lately, that means that in the moments when I feel a fit of chaos in my heart, I can openly embrace that. However... when it's moving through me, it feels the way it ought to feel. Like I'm dying.

Surrendering to it, is still something I'm learning to do.

The shadow self is the wounded ego, riddled with grief. I want nothing more than to love it all. 
Its these moments where I feel I can reach out if it becomes to much. Though I recognise that it would be most beneficial if I GO TO THE PAIN. Instead of running from it.

It takes practice, as we are wired to treat many things as a state of emergency in the system of fight, flight, freeze or fawn. 
Self love is choosing to accept those aspects of self, and then attempt to offer sustainable alternatives to responses driven by fear.

If you are facing this too, know that we all have time to learn how to embrace the shadow in the arms of our inner light.

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It takes time to heal and shift your energy. There are many thing you will experience repeatedly as you move through life and are in the process of growing.. Don't be so hard on yourself. Try love, patience, and forgiveness not just towards other but mostly towards yourself.
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communicating & pulled a card .. I call Yakuu Ray back in the desert ..as I am back in Yuma :) ..some insights and telling the group that the Algorithms are not on their side ..its okay..just dont let that become your reality 💯

explaining Controlled Environments to them and how Virgo season is about Analytics.. the group loves Analytical psychology 
dont let the algorithms dictate your worth ... we are a community 🌐

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The spirit of the koi swims towards us with a beautiful message and an equally as beautiful gift.

Take a look around you, SEE the abundance you already have around you. Just because your prayers have been grants and you are now praying for something different; doesn’t mean to forget that already have beautiful abundance.

The environment around you will always adapt and change with you. This is the time to change once more. Co-create and become what you desire in this world. 
Do you seek more kindness? Overflow with all the kindness. Bring on the positivity! Glow so damn bright that everyone forgets what darkness even is.

YOU ARE MAGIC. Use your love and power to grant wishes, move mountains, and be the beauty that is needed and sought for. 
Gather all of what you have learned and mastered! You often hide from your truest self. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. The miracles and tragedies still make you and your story perfect. 
Inspire you survivor! You can change the world. 
Every journey, no matter how little, how small, it always starts with a single step. No matter how small, any progress is simply progress. 
Is a flower still beautiful if it blooms later than all other others in the field? 
What is a flower called if it blooms late? 
You will get there, you will grow, you will shine, and you will still bloom.

You are a flower after all. 
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You are magic all by yourself, love.

P.s. if creativity or social media starts a war within yourself that eats away at your self-esteem and your ability to have a healthy relationship with yourself then baby it might be time to unplug😘.
In October 2012, I was working as a teacher, and my co-worker “randomly” decided to give me the book “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth”

I had no idea of who Thoth was at the time, but I was told he was the ancient Egyptian god of magic & wisdom— so I was interested

The teachings within the pages captivated and resonated with me on such a deep level. It was truly fascinating!

One week later, my birthday was coming up, and I wanted to get myself a cat.

My friend’s cat just had kittens and so she showed me a picture with about 5 of them, and immediately one just REALLY stood out to me
“Who’s THAT one!” I exclaimed!
“That’s Thoth...”

Who the f**k names their cat Thoth! And what are the chances!!
Little did I know, receiving my cat “Thoth” was both a synchronicity and breadcrumb trail letting me know what was going to be happening later on in my life

Through our relationship, I would grow to become less rigid, controlling and angry— she trained me the same way a child trains their parents

What I didn’t know, was that she was helping me raise my vibration enough to get into the “vibrational vicinity” of being able to meet THOTH

On October 1st 2015, THOTH appeared to me in the physical and mentioned that we would be working together through channeling

It’s been a long journey, and obviously this is a super condensed version of the story, but that’s how it started

It’s been 7 years that I’ve been spiritually training to channel (and embody) THOTH

That’s why I’m finally offering these sessions to the Light Leaders & Masters of the world— because that’s what I’ve been guided to do

To schedule a private sesh, simply use the link in my bio ☀️
We would love to be of service!

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I know a lot of people going through some tough times right now.  This goes out to all of you! 
Remember that you have survived 100% of your WORST days so far!  That is something worth celebrating!  You are here for a reason!  Keep going. We need you! 
You ARE great!
You ARE strong!
You ARE resilient!
You ARE worthy!
And yeahhhhh!!!! You ARE the shit!!
And I love you!
OH && idk how I forgot 🤦🏽‍♀️ but 👇Quantum Physics 🗝!!! If you’re truly trying to reinvent yourself and TRULY trying to live your best life then start researching and studying these subjects on YouTube 🎥♥️: -
🧬Higher Consciousness -
🧬Quantum Physics -
🧬Spirituality/Esoteric Knowledge
🧬Self Development -
🧬Law of Attraction , Law of Intention, Law of Energy -
- - - - - -

Even if it’s one video a day, I promise you it’ll teach you something and allow you to evolve and ascend to your highest self 🦋

Until you take these steps - please don’t hit me up asking what do I do? 
You need to learn what we weren’t taught and DELETE a lot that you were taught! 
This is a matter of taking control of your mind - body - and soul. 
It is your responsibility as an adult to reprogram the limiting / toxic belief systems and sabotaging patterns that have you making decisions unconsciously. 💥

Now you decide. 
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Chakras are pools of spiraling energy in our bodies. There are seven chakras that go up the body. Each🌊 pool of energy has a purpose, and can be blocked by a specific kind of emotional mark. Be warned: opening the chakras is an intense experience, and once you begin this process, you can not stop until all seven are open. ❤️The first chakra is the 🌏Earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival, and is blocked by fear.💀
What are you most afraid of? Let your fears become clear to you. You are concerned about your survival, but you must surrender those fears. Let your fears flow down the creek.💧
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I don’t talk often about the results my client’s receive, but today I was moved to tears multiple times witnessing and hearing the celebrations of “dream come true” moments from a few clients that I work with who are in Hollywood. ⁣
They deserve to be publicly celebrated without breaching the confidentiality and privacy of who they are. ⁣
I’m currently working with several directors, filmmakers, producers, actors and musicians in the entertainment industry 🎥🎞🎙⁣
It seems my path has come full circle 🌀as I spent ten years in that industry from 14-24 as a singer in a pop group, solo artist, actress and model. ⁣
To be able to support accomplished artists and entertainment professionals who have Emmy awards, major resumes on IMDB and decades of experience under their belts is a HUGE honor for me.⁣
It has nothing 🙅‍♀️ to do with Hollywood being glamorous, “cool” or notoriety. ⁣
It has EVERYTHING 🙋‍♀️to do with the fact that over five years ago I received a VERY clear message from God that I was meant to support artists, performers, creatives and executives in this arena. ⁣
🔸A large part of my mission is to help AWAKEN the leaders in Hollywood. ⁣
🔸To assist them to awaken their MAGNIFICENCE, lead from Soul and help bring this industry out of its shadows so it can really BE a source of higher consciousness, inspiration and transformation for the masses.⁣
While I still work with powerful leaders and business owners, my path has been shifting toward supporting the bright and beautiful stars and rising stars in Hollywood who have influence and impact on the masses and their fans.⁣
💠Can you imagine what becomes possible when Soul is integrated into their performances, bodies and missions fully?⁣
💠What happens to them creatively and artistically when they align and incorporate Soul into everything they do?⁣
💠How their very presence and high vibration will affect those they interact with day to day on sets? Interviews? Studios? Recording sessions? The media? Etc? ⁣
The possibilities are infinite at what can happen here! 🤯💥⁣
And I know my divine destiny is...con’d in comments 👇
Sending ease, healing, and love out and out to wherever it is needed. Saving some for myself as well. For the highest, most benevolent trajectory always and in all ways. 🌟💫✨
Fun fact about me:  I am not one of those people who scoffs at decaf coffee.  I love coffee. I drink it for the taste, not the caffeine. I also am that person who has a “caffeine curfew”. LOL 
Now you know. 🖤☕️
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The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy or the Law of Energy says that all energy is in motion & that all energy that is in motion will eventually appear in the physical form. 
What does that mean? Well, it This universal law states that whatever you spend your time thinking about, whatever you dwell on, whatever you worry about will eventually appear into the physical form. 
This law strongest when our thoughts are consistent. We have millions of fleeting thoughts each day, so it is impossible for all thought to be transmuted into the physical form. 
It is said that it takes 30 days to change a habit or to create a new one. The same applies to your thoughts. You must hold the thought of the thing you want for a minimum of 30 days to change a belief. -
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At this stage in the game , so much devastation has hit our beloved Amazon Jungle. The lungs of the Earth. Earth being our Mom, she is the generator of source energy! It is up to us to realize our connection soul, mind, body and spirit and use this as a reason to turn inward and find it in our hearts to take time to send light and positive prayer. Open our hearts to believe that possibly as a collective we can make a difference not only with action , but  consciously with intention. ♥️ Imagine  the Amazon and the Earth healing from the inside out. Imagine  all the pain and all the damage so far reversing. Imagine a huge down pour of Rains hitting the fires. We are all connected. We are Source Energy. don’t concentrate on the bad.. Focus on change ! From the Inside out. It is up to us to save ourselves . 🌏💚✨ Love y’all 
Below “ Repost @mediocre.mountainman “”This is the Amazon rainforest. Producer of 20% of planetary oxygen.
The Amazon has endured 72,843 forest fires since the begining of the year. And increase of 83% over last year.
The output of this rainforest is vital for combating planetary climate change, let alone providing an element we breathe. I'm not suggesting that without the rainforest we will suffocate, but with a reduced rainforest we do miss out on the photosynthetic benefit of drawing out atmospheric CO2.
This massive carbon sink is home to 20 million indigenous people and 30 million species of plants and animals. Which is half of our global biodiversity. 3,000 plants are recognised by the US Cancer institute as being able to target cancer cells. 70% of those plants are from this rainforest..
Don't recoil to apathy. Everyone can contribute to environmentally friendly programs.”” ➡️ PLEASE READ COMMENTS TO SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP ⬅️ Art by  @irie.wata 💚💚💚🌏 Please comment below if you have any resources or positive movements to share regarding how we can help our Mother Earth . She need us now. Most importantly she needs us to pray for light sent to the Amazon - it’s people and it’s animals. Imagine a huge force of Rain plowing over the fires!🌊
We’re not quite getting it right, society as a whole. We constantly think there will be a divine sign, a “right” person, a “right” time. It’s not like that. And when we search for that, we will always be disappointed. Those MOMENTS do exist, when we experience the deepest love for another person, or they smile just right and our whole life is filled with warmth. Those are moments. But love and soulmates are actually mirrors. Showing us who we are and where we can be more. They are here to hold us accountable when we are off the path, to celebrate when we win, to be real, to call us out when we are not being real. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it’s always hard, just that we are so easily disappointed when we believe something as temporary as feelings are supposed to be the guideposts for if someone is right. I’m just learning this. I do NOT have it figured out. But instead of asking “are they the one?” Or “what is right?” I find myself asking “are they growing? Are they seeking? Are they capable of walking beside me? Will they call me out? Do they respect me? Do they respect others? Do they have compassion and grace? Are they curious?” And those are my guideposts for now. #souljourney #empathsbelike #soulmatequotes
Recently, a lot of fears that I thought I had buried resurfaced and I let them block me. Despite my best intentions, those old lies filled my head and I chose fear. And while a large part of me just wants to bring my head back into my safe, cozy shell, I won’t.

I owe it to my girls to show them how to push past fear. I owe it to myself to stop playing small, to believe that I am worthy of chasing big dreams, to know that I make a difference. And I owe it to the people whose lives could be changed because I used my voice instead of hiding in my shell. 
Instead, I’m fine-tuning a protocol for myself to help me with confidence and courage, to shield me from negative energy, to feed my soul, keep me connected to my purpose, and ground me in calm. 
I will spend more intentional time in nature. Exercise is vital for my mental and physical health, so that’s part of it too. I’m starting a new natural supplement called Cortistop to help balance the stress response in my body. My mornings will involve meditation and the Great Day protocol, which incorporates 4 of my favorite emotional support oils with intentions and affirmations to start my day right. *Valor: to walk calmly and confidently towards the day I want to have.
*Harmony: “Let my will harmonize and align to the greater good for all I connect with today.”
*Joy: to bring lightness and happiness, since I have a habit of taking things too seriously.
*White Angelica: soothing and uplifting, and protects against negative energy (from my own inner critic and my almost 3 year old!) The piece that will cement all of this for me is having a few friends to do it with me. Who else needs a self-care reset? Let’s support each other and hold each other accountable- girls supporting girls to support themselves! Who’s in?
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*How emotionally available are you?*
I was driving down the coast on the weekend and kept noticing this beautiful golden plant along the way. 
It was as if there was a spot light on it and as you probably know, once you become aware of something you start noticing it everywhere!
It turned out to be a pretty eventful day full of triggers and shadowy stuff. On the way back I decided to do some investigation into this mysterious plant and it’s message couldn’t have been anymore perfect in that moment!!
Golden Wattle aka Sunshine Wattle is for bringing more joy and optimism to your being > acceptance of the beauty & joy in the present moment and looking to a brighter future. ☀️
I woke up a little melancholy this morning, so I took 7 drops of this flower essence which lead to a little cry and processing of emotions.
It’s that old saying- “suppression= depression”. Sometimes it’s the resistance of a little sadness that’s holding us back from our present happiness. 
Time and time again I’m blown away by the power of these plants and their ability to show up exactly when we need them. 
I make up personalised remedies for anyone looking to experience the magic of Australian Bush Flowers for themselves. I also use them in my energy healing sessions to help support shifts. ✌️🌼
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Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you some behind the scenes shots of the special episode of Aetherius Radio Live that took place a couple of days ago on Tues 8/20. Like the historic biography launch due to take place in just over a day’s time this Sat 8/24, this episode is also very unique in that both authors of the biography Brian Keneipp from @aetheriusla from the US and Richard Lawrence from @aetherius_europe from the UK were guests being interviewed from Aetherius House in London, England.by guest interviewer Darren Ball to discuss the biography of a biography of a great Spiritual Master Dr. George King, which explores the behind the scenes of the writing of the biography “The King Who Came to Earth”. If you have not tuned in to the show, here’s the link: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/bodymindspiritradio/2019/08/20/aetherius-radio-live-with-richard-lawrence-chrissie-blaze.
Thanks to Ayub Malik - those on FB get a chance to “watch” the radio show this time instead of just listening to it. Our producer Nikki Perrott did not escape being caught on camera either. 😊 Chrissie Blaze who is co-host with Richard Lawrence of this popular monthly radio show was enroute to the UK to attend the biography launch.
© The Aetherius Society
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Love this. What are the first 3 words you see? I’d love to know 💖
I am Soulful, I am Evolving and I am Resilient
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Pic repost @gregg.braden
Tarot in my Lap.

Possibilities are endless as long as you don't over analyze and stay out of your own way.
You've made the transformation in the light and in the dark, you are extremely powerful and sure of yourself now.
Your intuition has strengthened, your abilities are enhanced and you possess the ability to direct and influence the behavior of others or the course of  events.
Maintain your boundaries, wield your power, exert your authority and love where you are right now, even if it is not yet where you want to be.
You are successful on all sides and your potential is great!
Are you ready to HAVE everything you’ve ever dreamed and fantasized about, but never really BELIEVED you could achieve?⁣
Now, what if... Someone can reprogram your brain to automatically have. UNLIMITED wealth, happiness, pleasure, love, freedom and confidence…⁣
Would you want it?⁣
Get FREE Ebook about how your life is getting better from now by following the link in Bio⁣
👉 @15minutemanifestation 👈⁣
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This is the 3rd time I have picked this same card in 3 days so here it goes.

The yellow canary represents to me a delicate sensing body. 
A body that is able to detect things before others.

To me this canary being yellow or gold is representing an alchemical transformation occuring in many **✨of the sensing body. ✨✨
That we are energetically being informed beyond words and stories. 
So that when we see from another's reality and perspective we feel when it aligns with us or not and this goes deeper Into many ways.

You could say we are developing a greater 6th sense, but I would say this is a 7th sense.. This is beyond/differing from the 6th senses that have been here previously.

We are tapping in,

Collectively , deeply,

To new vantage points,

As I type this I hear a grass hoppers wings clicking as it is flying by my window. (Quantum leaping and quantum shifting)
Instead of reacting like the masses swept up in a sensational driven type way, not always for the highest and greatest, not always rooted in the center and place of empowered action/reaction, we pause and use our senses and see clearly they are telling us something different.

Yes we are sensing and we are also deeply rooted so that we may respond to the new information with the appropriate actions calibrated to the highest beneficial unfoldment to all concerned.

This card also has a beautiful read up I have enclosed in the pictures.

To me it is sense with your new sensing body, and relay your own tune, what does life uniquely mean to you? As you tap in, what are you being told within. 
And as we each BEcome the canary in the gold mine, yes I said gold, true to our hearts we will chime without the need to die/(self sacrafice our truth) as a warning sign.
This goes for helping people too. It’s easy to get frustrated when you believe people aren’t hearing your advice or asking for advice and doing the opposite. I think that frustration happens when we don’t realize our only role is to plant seeds. Plant seeds and then let life water them. Eventually, the light bulb clicks, the lesson is learned. You may not be the last waterer but you played an important role anyway. #souljourney #empathsbelike #lifestuff
I used to feel so overwhelmed growing up in the city. There’s this constant buzz always going day and night, sirens, and the fast life never made me feel settled or grounded. Neither did moving out to raw land 2 years ago. But, you see, every now and then parts of us have to die in order for a more improved version of ourselves to emerge. 🐍🦋 It took me 33 years to learn that my light isn’t for everyone. You don’t just get instant access to my light or my love because that shit is SACRED, timeless and powerful! Living out here, surrounded by nature and the rawness of Mother Earth, has helped give me thicker skin... Spiritually and physically. When you allow her, Mother Earth will transform you into what you need to be for the journey ahead ✊🏽 #wildwomanrising #motherearth #transformation #mountainlife #lifelessons #scorpioinspiration #inspiration #sacredjourney #wisdom #instawildlife #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #lightworker #lightworkersofinstagram
✦I am Virgo 
It’s Virgo season •• I hope you enjoy this one, 
tag a loving earth mother 🍃🍃
You’re welcome to share or create another colour just kindly tag @jeanieshewrote 🧞‍♀️
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I wrote a beautiful message for this cards. Specially about The Hermit (Turtle) and the meaning of grounding and action. It was long but powerful. Longer than usual. Once I posted the cards, the message was lost. Maybe the message was only for myself. The Universe conspires when you need to be aware of something. Sorry. Next time I will be assured that the message is attached. PD: This morning I saw the Pleiadians message from Barbara Goldsmith @barbaragold111 and the message was a challenge to say things in a short and concise way. 😂😂The Pleidians are playing with me. A good humor is always better than to be angry or frustrated. Have a good night!!!🌙 😘❤️ #tarot #tarotcards #thenakedhearttarot #tarotreading #tarotcards #tarotreading #pleiadians @barbaragold111 #lightworkersunite #lightworker #lightworkers #grounding #action #crystals #crystalhealing #healing #healingcrystals #healingstones #lightworkersofinstagram #love #balance #strength #positivevibes #abundance #humor #turtle
Me & @hudsonhayes_official out on the town on my day off (kind of), walking, eating sushi in the harbor. Oh! And @mariannewilliamson for President y’all. It’s not a pipe dream - it’s a vision. Watch her stump speech and tell me what you think! 🥰👏🧝🏻‍♀️
💚expand your view💚 
The Amazon rainforest, covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries, is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its biodiversity. It’s crisscrossed by thousands of rivers, including the powerful Amazon. River towns, with 19th-century architecture from rubber-boom days, include Brazil’s Manaus and Belém and Peru’s Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado.

The Amazon Rainforest: The World's Largest Rainforest is made up of a mosaic of ecosystems and vegetation types including rainforests, seasonal forests, deciduous forests, flooded forests, and savannas.

There are about 305 tribes living in Brazil today, totaling around 900,000 people, or 0.4% of Brazil’s population.

The government has recognized 690 territories for its indigenous population, covering about 13% of Brazil’s land mass. Nearly all of this reserved land (98.5%) lies in the Amazon.

But although roughly half of all Brazilian Indians live outside the Amazon, these tribes only occupy 1.5% of the total land reserved for Indians in the country.

Those peoples who live in the savannahs and Atlantic forests of the south, such as the Guarani and the Kaingang, and the dry interior of the north-east such as the Pataxo Hã Hã Hãe and Tupinambá, were among the first to come into contact with the European colonists when they landed in Brazil in 1500.

Despite hundreds of years of contact with expanding frontier society, they have in most cases fiercely maintained their language and customs in the face of the massive theft of, and continuing encroachment onto, their lands.

The largest tribe today is the Guarani,numbering 51,000. ✨💚✨💚✨💚✨ The force is with them🙌
An ode to the great river of the Amazon of the mother.

The largest in the world.

The Amazon discharges 209,000 cubic meters(7,831,000 cubic feet ) every second.

The total discharge by Amazon River alone is greater than the total discharge of 7 next largest rivers of world taken together!

The Amazon basin is the largest drainage basin in the world, with an area of approximately 7,050,000 square kilometers(2,720,000 square miles), and accounts for roughly one-fifth of the world’s total river flow. 🙌🙌🙌🙌 I trust in the Mothers healing process.

I trust in her body.

I trust in all that she allows .

I hold all space for her as she holds all space for me 
I activate my divine immune system that extends beyond any concept I bring that to my awareness now.

I call forth the highest harmonic outcome unfoldment

And so it is

I call it, I welcome it, I allow it, I receive it.

Om MA 🙏✨
✨💚✨The Waoroni People of Ecuador, who are now mostly living in the Amazon Forest,

Have won an ✨unprecedented✨ lawsuit✨ against ✨the government✨ securing there rights to live in there ancestral mother home protected!

The daughters of the mother rejoice,

The children of the mother have been heard,

This calls for a celebration, ✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨ "The government tried to sell our lands to the oil companies without our permission. Our rainforest is our life. We decide what happens in our lands. We will never sell our rainforest to the oil companies”, said Nemonte Nenquimo, President of the Waorani Pastaza Organization (CONCONAWEP) and plaintiff in the lawsuit. She added, “Today, the courts recognized that the Waorani people, and all indigenous peoples have rights over our territories that must be respected. The government’s interests in oil is not more valuable than our rights, our forests, our lives."
🌞The Second Chakra🧡
Sacral Chakra
Element: Water
Main Focus: Emotions, Intimacy + CREATIVITY
Color: Orange
The Sacral chakra is located at your pelvis/sacrum area above the Root chakra. When it is in balance we feel Joy, pleasure, creativity, sensuality and are more adaptable to situations. However, when it is out of balance we may have genital issues, sexual or fertility problems, lack a sense of creativity and may experience frequent dehydration. 🔶🔸🔶🔸🔶🔸🔶
Today's Mantra for our Sacral Chakra:
"I am creative an adaptable. I am a sensual and sexual being. I am able to enjoy the pleasures of life!"
What do you like to create?? .
We have a MASSIVE shop update coming soon that I have been dedicating all of my energy to and that includes a new chakra candle collection with @spiritloveus among many other new and exciting metaphysical products! I can't wait to share them with you all! we finally have labels woohoo!!!!! 😍The vision we have for Spirit Love is coming to fruition and I cannot that you enough for your support! I'll also try my best to be better with social media 🤪 we just have a lot going on on this end and I'm still learning how to juggle it all - I'll get there 😁🤷🏽‍♂️ but until then if you need ANYTHING at all please just send me a DM and I'll work with you whether it's a custom candle, jewelery, house cleanse, chakra realignment, tarot + Angel guidance or anything metaphysical- I GOTCHU. 🧡
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Let Love Flow!!
☀️This is me. This is me missing the sunshine. ⁠
But not having the sunshine really reminds me of what winter is actually about. ⁠
We are inhaling before we exhale the beautiful spring. If we don't inhale, we can't exhale.⁠
So I'm looking forward to some quiet time this weekend and relaxing and rejuvenating.⁠
What about you?