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Monday - time to work 👨🏻‍🔧👨🏼‍💻👷🏼‍♂️
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A few weeks ago I was prompted with the question “What fuels you?” What motivates me to get up every morning and do what I do? And I have filtered through a millions things, everything from coffee to injustice, and have landed on this: 
My community fuels me. Every student that shows up to the studio day after day, every stranger I have laughed with & every friend that I’ve cried with, and every single one of you, whether we know each other in person or not. Which might seem odd for an introvert with extreme social anxiety, but I know in my heart that if it were not for all of you, for everything you’ve shared, every time you’ve been vulnerable and brave, every time we’ve celebrated successes or grieved through heartache together, that is what fills me up. That is what, on my worst days, the ones where I feel like crawling into a hole and closing my eyes until I dissolve and disappear, urges me to crawl out of bed and into the shower instead. I live for the connections I have made in this lifetime. Because in all of my years of academia, I never learned more about love and trust and humanity than from the relationships we have created and maintained (and even, especially, those that fell apart). Thank you for continuing to show up in your realness, in all of your messy wonderful humanness. Thank you for witnessing me in mine.
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Nyhavn, Amalienborg palace, Frederik's Church 🌥️🌀🇩🇰 #denmark #københavn #travelporn #wonderful_places #awesomeglobe #reflection #cityviews #stylish
n'oublie pas de vivre 🎨 #etdesourire #lavieestbelle #frenchforonce
Had a great time this past weekend fishing for some monsters with my dude Kevin ( @concretealternatives ) 😎 until next time my guy 👍🏼 .
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Monday Vibes 
Home for the day.
Finding those hidden gems is so so sweet. There’s a lot of reward from spending hours on google maps searching for spots that you’ve seen on Instagram but have never heard of before.
We finally found this one and booked a plane ticket just to see it (along with other spots) and it did NOT disappoint.
Max your days 🤸🏼‍♀️
Hope you all are having a wonderful long weekend and spending your precious time on your own terms!
I had an epic trip up to the Bruce Trail with @richardsonleanne & @ryanmichaelrichardson in preparation for our East Coast Trail trip next month. Although there were tons of laughs and silliness, we continuously had to put our heads down and crush through that tough rocky terrain!  The Bruce trail is definitely not a walk in the park 🙅🏼‍♀️. The most critical take away from the weekend is the importance of training in similar conditions to that of your expedition’s.
From gear, to nutrition, to footwear, we were able to experiment to properly assess what worked and what wouldn’t work for the ECT. By doing this, we may have saved ourselves a couple of hungry days and chilly trail nights 🤫. Point is, do your best to get out there before hand to test your gear and yourself, haha sounds cheesy but you may be underestimating what you can accomplish OR overestimating how fast you are (like I did oops 🙋🏼‍♀️).
Also message me if you have any questions about the Bruce, east coast, gear, etc 💕
We praise artists because we find their abilities exotic, even though they're not. They have just found their own fulfilling pathway to success, and they have found that it is a series of intricate brushstrokes, not just a landscape or a portrait. And they are ostracized for this out of the box model of thought until far too late. I have a deeper appreciation for the 'artists' in my life now. Who are your artists? Do you thank them? Do you mirror your life after their raw model for success? 
I think my definition of success has evolved. I don't think it's folding yourself up into an oragami box to fill in a space at a desk in an office. I think it's opening yourself up and letting the wind take you and sit you down. I feel like I've been folded a million ways, and I like just about every shape, but I'm not interested in conforming to one. However, I find success in being able to excel at whatever it is I'm doing, which includes loving it with all of my heart. I don't believe money makes you happy. It makes things much easier, just like connections, but at the root of it all should be a genuine willingness to do good and improve upon a situation by taking calculated risks and seeing out opportunity. In the real world, people get wrapped up in titles and numbers. I calculated my mileage and end date for a long while, ever disappointed by the distance of my endgame instead of setting small goals and "smelling the roses". I cried a lot about this. But I'm tired of crying. I'll admit, my soles are rough and callused, but my soul had grown soft and mushy on this trail. Still, I'm not crying unless it's over something beautiful. And I never want to set my sights on money. Yes, I do need to make a decent living, but I don't need much to be happy. This pilgrimage has taught me that I can carry everything I need to be happy and comfortable on my back, including a few selectively chosen luxuries (lotion and face wipes🙌). Believe it or not, I've reached a point that some nights my tent seems more comfortable and homey than an actual hotel room. 
All of this to say, redefining success is so crucial to actually finding it. The AT was not blazed in a day, and some journeys
Last week of School!  SUMMER BREAK is right around the corner... This really is hilarious.😂
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