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Rozważanie Jeana Vaniera do Ewangelii Jana (14,23-29)

Duch i Paraklet „Paraklet” różni się od „Ducha”.
„Duch” oznacza ruch;
to „wiatr” albo „tchnienie”,
to wewnętrzny poryw,
poryw proroków, którzy mówią i czynią cuda.
Paraklet oddala lęk przed samotnością;
przynosi obecność, bezpieczeństwo, pokój i komunię.
Duch i Paraklet są dwoma obliczami Boga,
który żyje i działa w nas,
który nas inspiruje i ponagla,
ale także kocha nas, nosi
i mieszka w nas tak, jak my mieszkamy w Nim. (Z książki Jeana Vaniera „Tajemnica Jezusa”) Fotografia: Nicolas Tissot, unsplash.com

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‘Our team was determined, and we all won a medal!’ 🏅 So many thanks for supporting L’Arche Ottawa with cheers, prayers and donations. We are closing in on our $20,000 fundraising goal and welcome every contribution! 
Thank you x 20,000! 💙
+ thanks to @anytimefitness_kanata for sponsoring our Ts!
Henrietta, Michele + the Ottawa Marathon 2K — fifth year in a row! 💙🏃🏽‍♀️🙌
Souvenir d’une sortie à l’Arche : illustration. 🎤🎶 (Ou comment se découvrir une passion pour le pistolet à colle 🤷🏻‍♀️)
Time to party
[ Ciné Citoyen ] JEAN VANIER, LE SACREMENT DE LA TENDRESSE de Frédérique Bedos c’est ce soir à 20h15 et c’est complet !
Séance en partenariat avec la communauté de l’Olivier. La projection sera suivie d’une rencontre avec les membres de l’Arche de Bruz.
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Ekipa iz radionice se danas bavi šivanjem vrećica od recikliranog tekstila, čime se želimo boriti protiv prekomjerne uporabe plastike, a naši praščići su nakon dužeg perioda sušenja napokon spremni biti udomljeni.

Ugodan vikend svima! 🌿🌷🌾🌞☁️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♀️
Today the workshop team is sewing totes out of recycled textile and our piggies are finally ready to head for their new homes after a long period of air drying.

Happy weekend everyone! 🌿🌷🌾🌞☁️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♀️
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"Ogni uomo è una storia sacra"
"Every human history is a sacred history"
(Jean Vanier). L'albero di Dario lo vive.
We are light and dark. We are full and empty. We are up and down. We are whole. When we start to accept our weakness, it becomes the source of understanding we need to accept other’s weaknesses. Believe it or not, deep Listening often guides us into our shared weaknesses and there we discover our shared strengths. It’s an experience of growth, of compassion, and of celebration. RIP Jean Vanier a true reflection of a life well lived.
Repost from the amazing @noreisha, who writes of her L’Arche Ottawa teammates: “I love crossing the finish line together and seeing how proud of themselves they are for conquering the challenge. That is a feeling that I do not get at any other race. If you would like to support this amazing community, come walk with us or donate following the link in bio.” 💙💙
Celebrar é um ato específico de uma comunidade, quando as pessoas se regozijam e dão graças a Deus por tê-las aproximado, unido e estar constantemente cuidando delas e as amando
- Jean Vanier
Celebration is a specific act of a community as people rejoice and give thanks to [God] who has bonded them together and is looking after them and loves them
- Jean Vanier
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This weekend I am doing my favourite “race” from all! The 2k walk with L’Arche Ottawa. My life changed when I found this community 3 years ago. These people are the reason why I changed my career from Engineering to Developmental Disabilities. I have learned so much from these guys! They are frank and honest, trusting and generous, and best of all, they accept me for who I am, without judging. They thought me to appreciate the little things in life and to be happy with what I have. 
They are a big reason why I put myself through crazy workouts and races. I do what I do because I can, because I am able-bodied. And when I feel like giving up, I think about those who wish they had the physical health and strenght that others have and take for granted. 
So every year I walk with them and I love crossing the finish line together and see how proud of themselves they are for conquering the challenge. That is a feeling that I do not get at any other race. 
If you would like to support this amazing community @larche.in.ottawa, come walk with us or donate following the link in bio. 
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Two pillars of faith passed away this month and I had the somber joy of reading books about them: Jean Vanier and Rachel Held Evans. I also read a book about taking lament to God and letting God comfort us, so timely (No More Faking Fine). Check out these books, and more, and Kindle Deals, on The Bookshelf, May 2019.

Link in profile.

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Matthew Wright is super pumped to perform at this years L'Arche Delights. Make sure to purchase your tickets today for the sweetest event in town. Tickets available at the Antigonish 5 cents to $1 store!
Three rules of mountaineering that also apply to fundraising goals: 1. It’s always farther than it looks. 2. It’s always taller than it looks. 3. It’s always harder than it looks! 🏔 ⛰ With a few days until race day we are HALFWAY to our fundraising goal. 🙌 💰📈Thanks in advance for helping us to our peak: $20,000! ✅ Follow the link in our Insta bio to donate to our team effort. If you are following us here, you know what a big difference every donation makes to the community! 🌞
“Se quisermos crescer em amor, as prisões do nosso egoísmo devem ser desbloqueadas. Isso implica sofrimento, esforço constante e escolhas repetidas.”
— Jean Vanier, Comunidade —
Good bye Mr Jean Vanier (1928-2019) - thank you for teaching us to truly welcome people with #disabilities in our midst. #jeanvanier #becominghuman