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Ama papatyaları görmüştüm ben,kış niye geri geldi ki ❄️🌪🌨☔️⛄️
Instant sisterhood. 
I am a reflection of your eyes.
Made of the same substance are our hearts,
we share the same soul.
Proudly I look at the woman that stands in front of me, 
Proudly I look at the purity of her 
you are so real sister, 
but even more proudly I stare at your strength.
You inspire me sister.
Take my heart in your chest,
Because I am ready to share my dreams with you.
And as woke women 
we will prove wrong any hate against 
our femininity,
our weakness is our strength sister, 
we are women. 
4-1-2018 16:40
Only rancid words I swallowed for years.
The feeling of being nothing was dragging me slowly,
my image in the mirror was laughing at me.
Beauty is in the eyes of the person that is looking…
but all of you were not looking. 
The curves of my body offended your taste
well then FUCK YOU. 
You offended my mind with your vile insinuations, 
you broke my feelings with your empty words. 
The dream of being perfect for your eyes was
my reason for dying every day a little,
well then FUCK YOU. 
My curly hair and my big hips did not suit your needs, 
well then FUCK YOU. 
The comparison that you forced to me
and the stereotype of your close mind 
left me for years hating myself…
well then FUCK MY OLD SELF. 
The beauty of my features,
my soft body
my ruthless mind
my unique smile
are the reason why I thank you, 
because without your insults
I would never ever know my worth.
31-01-2019 2am
Another of the beautiful @thisisjaaaamhot for @wokewomen.ldn by your truly ❤️🌞
Smile 🌞❤️
@thisisjaaaamhot part1
for @wokewomen.ldn
Smile like you are the sun 🌞
What a powerful woman! 
@duboissheree you are an inspiration.