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Por quién soy benedettina...por quién siempre lo seré...📖🙌✍
From “Running Through Trees,” which I’ve been performing again lately. It has really been resonating with me. 
What is holding you back? 
Rise up. Break away. Run free. 💪🏼
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And though we are hearts apart, 
our heartbeats as one.
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Part 1.
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//The day when Sun grew bones and Moon kissed the sea senseless until it saw stars. 
When songs curved themselves into my smile and everything was alright. 
When I say that sadness
Has settled in my bones
And replaced the calcium 
I don't mean it quite metaphorically;
When I say I can't find myself
Amidst pieces of so many 
Blown to smithereens
Scattered between the hair on my flesh,
I mean it quite literally. 
When I lift my tongue from its
Tomb to utter the word hope 
It flops back down and refuses to budge; 
When I close my eyes to stop the light
From illuminating the dark- into looking
A lighter shade of dark, a tad bit more jagged,
I feel pools of tears I wasn't allowed to shed 
As a child, hanging from beneath them. 
But you see, there are days when all I know
Are butterflies inside my chest, cocooning
Themselves inside my heart, making it flutter. 
There are days when the sweat behind my ear 
Doesn't make me want to wipe it away, I want
To let it drip down my spine and form a reservoir.
There are days when things don't hurt as much,
When the lumps of coal that my eyes have become
Don't sizzle and burn. There are days when my
Fingertips dance to the whirr of the cab turning
Right on the road, when there is an unread book
Inside the bag hanging from my shoulders as 
I listen to the voice screaming inside my ears,
Asking me to jump out and move my hips behind 
The doors that enclose my room. 
Today, I might cry later.
Today, I might just sleep feeling alone. Again. 
Today, might turn out just like yesterday. 
Today, might turn out to be the worst day of the week.
But right now? All I know is that
The wishes from the comet that landed under my window
Are fogging the glass where I slowly write my name
And make a smiley face. I know that my shoulders
Aren't weighed down with the sky, but bent and about
To shoot straight into the space to find a constellation
Which makes no sense, where they can lend
Stories to make it exclusively theirs and bump
Into the edges of the Saturn's ring to taste 
What magic feels like.
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For a weak hearted mortal,
For a jobless single at chortled,
For a hollow desperate widow,
For a forlorn teenager in woe,
For a harassed child,
For a timid creature with a tone mild,
You won't see,
Or be able to perceive,
Their affliction and striving,
For betterment despite society depriving,
They're expected to wear out themselves,
Till in their houses remain only empty shelves,
Having had to throw,
For an orphan to grow,
To sacrifice, and let go of imprudence,
And bring forth another nuisance,
And have their minds fabricate,
Failure and so happiness will vacate,
And not grasp onto hope's bringer,
Still existing, there it lingers,
Because hopeless is only the devil,
Why don't you live the life of peril?
Or continue to stumble across,
Miry ways, when a priest holds up his cross,
Don't lie at their feet,
Your hearts don't need them to beat,
For an intolerant dictator,
It's the end's indicator,
The ruining of love,
When wills start to curve,
The Earth becomes home,
To deceit, and manipulation's dome,
An empire of tragedy,
Even the pious are overcome with blasphemy,
'Cause their numb fingers are letting go of,
Hope, in the name of which, they now scoff,
And confuse it with expectation,
With power's infatuation,
And flattery and praise,
Their best of days,
Then society brings forward,
A misstep of a non-coward,
At least he tried,
Many nights cried,
And mothers perpetually hopeful,
That their children may sleep with their stomachs full,
Even when they stop to care,
For their nourisher, feet left bare,
In hopes of a time,
When they flip a dime,
Not for what they're fated,
Of sins, belated,
A hopeless cause,
But just for a second, pause,
Perhaps if accomplished,
What they for long have wished,
Maybe then society's mouth will shut,
That's trying to that string, cut,
So if you're worried for your next meal,
Think of your Lord, better you will feel,
Your hope will revive,
Once again, you shall dive,
For the tiniest possibility,
Of ending their hostility,
And overcoming your own,
Standing tall, but never alone.
//Hope, Strive//