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“Habit is something you can do without thinking, which is why most of us have so many of them.” Most habits come from family origin good and bad, bad ones are destructive and damaging to individuals. My reactions to anything says a lot about me as with anyone else. I can proudly say I have become a better person and I am continuing the work to be a better ME. I am very proud of myself!! Some of it is because I have broken a lot of unhealthy and negative family patterns/habits. I needed to recognize these for me to grow as a person so that I can understand and love others and especially so that I can love myself. I cannot reach any of my goals unless I work through this! .
These past two years I have grown in a sense of knowing and accepting or I should say acknowledging of who I am as a person. It has and is a very humbling experience! YES, I’m still a work in progress!!!☺️ But so far I am even more aware of what I am capable and able of doing to improve myself. Im very happy for all my decisions that turnout for the best for me, but If something didn’t turn out the way I had hoped or I take a little longer to understand or I just flat out make what some look at as a bad decision, that’s ok with me. I may or may not overcome some but whatever the outcome I can be content that l, myself, made that decision and I have learned something from it. This is why I am who I am today and as an adult, I cannot blame my past, family history, or anyone for anything...good or bad its all me.
The most important point from all this is that I can honestly now say “I do love myself“ as before I couldn’t even bare to think it. This work is help with essential oils. These essential oil choices for this blend are because of how they are ones that are used for emotional support for working through this and they are 4 drops of each:
Siberian fir
In a 10ml Rollerball too off with coconut oil. 
Roll on your left shoulder front to back because the left shoulder relates to family (from book:Feelings Buried Alive Never Die). Apply 2x a day or when a destructive pattern emerges.
Our annual Punches for Popsicles event yielded over 11,000 punches thrown by this dedicated crew! All for one tasty Popsicle each!
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Just one month until the summer Girl Strong Party! The theme is “MakingThe World A Better Place” and Ms. Huether says everyone should plan on getting their hands a little dirty. Sign up today!
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Have you ever thought about making yourself happy? When you’re happy, everything else is fabulous. Start dancing today!  #happyyouhappyworld #dance #happydancer #danceishappy #happy #arthurmurray #arthurmurraynorthseattle #happywifehappylife
For me ,my Guru 🙏is my guide my life , my everything , I feel I am truly blessed and luckiest to have a guru🙏
I cant imagine my life without him, he has changed me completely, , I am still learning everyday , I am not the same person anymore 
It’s all thanks to my almighty, who’s taught me and is still teaching me , to know and Learn more you can follow @gurudev_gurgaon_najafgarh 
Happy Guru Purnima to All 🙏😇 #gurudevofgurgaonandnajafgarh
Going to an event this year!  Ready to dance confidently in your First Dance! Schedule your lesson today! #wedding #event #confident #firstdance #seattle #weddingdance #ido #iloveyou #forever
**No instructors were injured during the making of this post.**
What’s happening this week:
Life Skill Mat Chat: Manners
Martial Skill Drill: Striking and Partner Drills
Other: Saturday is Punches For Popsicles!, only four spots left for camp, Girl Strong Party and Broadsword Seminar sign ups have started!
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I only compete with ppl when I’m trying to improve myself. If I compete with you it’s a huge compliment. It means I admire you and I feel there’s something I can learn from you #worryaboutyourself #improveself #selfimprovement #win #want4nothing #focusonyourdevelopment #learn