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To shine in dark
"I lay asleep to dreams
he shall never hurt
a heart loving him 
deeply more than it is.
The morning I believed
never could have a rise
ran upward far as possible.
for granted had been taken
returning, forgiving, forgetting. 
How could he not feel
tickle to jolt me awake
reality is sour-ache,
his sweet a building up,
nightmare to break 
apologetic peace. - Sylvie 🌙"
This here is what we gotta stop doing. You need to stop doing this. I sure as shit need to stop doing this. For 8 months or so, my mental health has been steadily deteriorating, resulting in a relapse, which if I'm being perfectly honest, I'm thankful for because I was heading for something far worse and for more permanent than 2 days of cheep whiskey. Those 2 days woke me up and now I can get busy making sure I'm still here tomorrow, AND sober. Here's the thing: Very few people have as many people they can reach out to as I do. I have an amazing wife @natasha.welch that I don't have to hide anything from. I have a "real life" friend like @fran_su_wa who I KNOW would be there any time I need him. My mother LOVES to talk. On top of that, there are probably 200 or more people on the internet who would listen to anything I need to get off my chest...and I didn't reach out to ANY of those people. I've even had people CHECK ON ME during this time. "I'm fine. Really. I'm good. Just going through some stuff. You know me. I'll always be fine..." But I wasn't. Let's stop risking our sobriety, and more importantly, OUR FUCKING LIVES, because we would just rather keep that shit locked inside. If you've got people in your life who ask you how you're doing, you better fucking tell them when you're not doing too well. If you've got someone you can reach out to when you need to, DO IT! If there's just no one... no one at all to talk to, then I'll be that someone. I'll be honest, I'm going through some shit right now myself, but if you don't have anywhere else to turn, then we can just go through some shit together. Just please, don't bottle up those things that you need get out. Trust me, those stories never have happy endings.
TONIGHT!!! Here We Go!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Uptown and Downtown, East Bank and West Bank, from Metairie to the East to the CTC.... This is for all my grown and sexy folks... We present to you the #FloeticCypherNewOrleans 
At #NeutralGroundBarAndGrill 

Your #TacoTuesday  #TacoGroovesday on the South Shore! 
Mixing the Floetic Vibe with and amazing venue and menu. With so many other surprises coming!! We need to see you all in the place and come hungry The tacos are amazing, Drink specials are crazy and Staff and venue is bomb! There are also Vegan options.

Doors open for 8pm and entry is Free!!! @neutralgroundnola

Open Mic is bringing lots of performances and the Dj will keep the Flow! 
Your host @SeanB4Real

Your House Poet @Niqueojamaal

Soulful Sounds from @Theodureau @Papwill7

Floetic Service from @MrBroadcast / @mrbroadcasttv

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~ On Her Lips ~
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