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I was dismissed from jury duty and this little one was very happy to cuddle about it.

Just a reminder that sometimes doing nothing with your extra time is EXACTLY what you should do with it! I didn't feel a moment was wasted. And Gizmo was definitely okay with it.

Are you spending enough time on yourself or are you staying busy ALL THE TIME? I challenge you to set aside a little some down time this week and do NOTHING the whole time. It will be worth it.

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You MUST spend time in the sun daily. The sun is the driving force for all life on earth, it grows plants (all food) and provides warmth to everything. Spending time in the sun will supercharge you. Don't believe me, go spend 20mins in the sun you'll feel amazing. Its a proven anti-depressant.

For those of you that worry about skin cancer yes it's a possibility however, the human body has built in defence mechanisms designed to fight these issues. If and only if you live a healthy diet and healthy life style will your body function adequately enough to fight this properly. You aren't an exception, you need daily sun

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They survived a killer class! 
since we have gotten rid of the scales, it’s time to focus on performance. 
Tonight was definitely a chance to see where you stand. 
be ready for tomorrow! 
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Day 2 running, thankfully for group of gals for accountability ❤️🏃🏻‍♀️
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Do you feel nostalgic and inspired when you drink your wine? I do. I love Scout and Cellar for many reasons, but one of them...maybe my favorite one...is the personal touch this company puts on each and every wine. Whether it’s a history of the vineyard the wine came from, an anecdote about the families caring for that vineyard or why they make the wine a certain way or a story behind the name given to a wine, I love it all. Behind each of our wines there is a story worth reading, worth sharing with your friends and family as you enjoy the wine together and if you’re like me, those stories might just hit home and bring back fond memories of times gone by or loved ones who have left us. The story behind the Fieldhouse for instance, reminds me of my childhood home, a 100 year old farmhouse, that is no longer standing. Middle Jane reminds me of my grandmother. So I challenge you to read some of the stories being our wines. You might just find yourself reminiscing like I do. #scoutandcellar #cleancraftedwine #stopdrinkingdirtywine #winewithasoul #winemom #boymom #girlmom #wine #keto #paleo #lowcarbwine #healthylifestyle #wineandfood #history
8 MONTHS AGO VS TODAY 👏🏼🙌🏼 I feel for the women in the left photo, I knew what bad mind state she was in & how incredible uncomfortable she was with herself. 
The WOMEN in the right?! A strong , confident women who has pushed her body so hard to achieve GOALS & lose 50+ lbs 👀 I have never been in a more healthy physical & metal state before. 
So enough with the rambling.... I’m just proud as hell 🔥✌️👀✅🍑
What a lovely way to cap off a Tuesday night. Good ol’ shoulder/press day and did a little bit of some extra skin care tonight. Now for my rest day tomorrow and to get back to pumping on Thursday.
I became a mom 2 weeks after I turned 20, which to be honest, I didn’t have any issues losing my pregnancy weight and I jumped right back.  By 21 I had my 2nd child, and again, didn’t have much issues losing the weight, didn’t come right off, nor did it all come off completely.•
So, now I have 2 kids under 3 with a pretty complicated relationship. I was working full-time trying to live on my own and never putting myself first.•
Then fast forward three years and I had my third child at my heaviest weighing 209 pounds.•
within two months my then husband and I separated leaving me to raise basically three kids alone taking care of a house & myself.•
Now fast forward to 2014 and I was typing the scale at 240 pounds. I had found the love of my life who proposed and I knew that I was not going to look back at my wedding pictures & be discouraged & myself.•
When I first made the decision to put myself first, I went all in and I have not looked back.•
I have lost 80 pounds & have managed to keep it off. IT ALL STARTED BY ME MAKING THE DECISION TO PUT MYSELF FIRST•
Our new program launched TODAY, and will
Be available on July 29th. I am putting together a Beta Test Group with VIP ACCESS, for those who are SERIOUS about putting themselves first and being apart of this amazing Test Group.•
I have 2 PROMO CODES for $10 off (which makes this program $30 off) to be used THIS WEEK!•
If you are ready drop me ⚡️ below and LETS DO THIS!!•
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