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Pretty sure the devil himself designed and delivered the hack squat machine. It’s a damn good feeling when what used to be hard is easy tho. Was a good day to get better. #determinationovermotivation #girlswhopowerlift #getstronghurtfeelings #getconjugated
MODIFIED MAX EFFORT LOWER,  hit a HUGE PR on box squat today @ 560 LBS. Shirtless Speed deadlifts cause it's cool to deadlift and show your fluff. 315 lbs + 90 in chain double overhand. Grip strength is getting way better!! Then a bunch of accessories, good mornings,  sled drags, reverse hypers and abs!!! OOO RAH! #inguzstrength #conjugate #westsidecertified #powerlifting #getstronghurtfeelings #strongerisbetter #coach #maxeffort #devildog #practicewhatyoupreach #oldmanstrength #onceamarinealwaysamarine
RILEY FRIDAY...Something that Lones taught me  early in working with him is to try to not miss lifts in training. When asked why, Lones told me that he prefers us not to get into the habit of missing. And to apply that habit to performance on the platform so we don’t crush confidence in ourselves. I kind of brushed it off...until I missed the first time in training. Then I understood. In the 14 months I have worked with Lones, I have only missed three times. Two benches and one squat. Now that I’m coaching, I try to instill this same philosophy in those that choose to work with me. Does it apply to everyone? Not necessarily. I think there are some lifters who need to fail, and know what that feels like like in order to push themselves harder. For me as a lifter, missing sucks really bad and my confidence is shot. I always try to make smart jumps and strive to be self aware of how much I have left in the tank, or what increases in weight I should be making. Not all lifters are the same. Personally, I would rather leave a little left in the tank during training and know that I have room to grow. Then build from there over throwing out a big number, hoping I get it, and then missing because my ego got in the way. The ability to be aware of this as a lifter and knowing what jumps to make is one of the more important things to learn. It takes time to develop. It’s a principle a coach can teach you, but applying it isn’t easy. One thing I see often with the ego lifting as well is the, “well I might not get this but we’ll try it” attitude is at that point, you’ve already failed. Walking up to a weight and telling yourself there’s a good chance you won’t get it almost ensures you won’t, in my opinion. We train to compete, to have our numbers recorded on meet day, not from a training day. The meet is what matters. Gym PR’s are fun and can provide a confidence boost. However. if you’re not able to make the right call on the platform and bury yourself under a weight, does that gym PR count? Push yourself where it counts and learn your capabilities as a lifter and in my opinion, leave it all on the platform. Not on the gym floor. Your gym PR’s mean nothing.
Rounded back rack pull shoulder shrugs- good finisher using 30-40% of your conventional 1RM Deadlift, work tell fail. Works underdeveloped spinal erectors and builds your upper back. .
Deads ☠️
85%x5 (117.5kgs/259lbs) feeling good!!
Didn’t pee this week, sorry to disappoint @dylan_tufan1 🐻 @mikeytaco_ ——————————————————
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TOP 5 TRICEP ACCESSORY MOVEMENTS...the next few posts from here will be focused on accessory work. These videos, of course, will by no means be an exhaustive list of accessory movements. They’re just my top 5 (maybe 4, maybe 6) go to movements for specific muscle groups. They are my top 5 because I see the most carry over without them causing me pain. I’m a bit of a special case with arm movements, because I have all kinds of dysfunction in my arms you don’t want to hear about. However, I think any of these would be good to rotate in if you’re feeling stale with your accessory movement choices. Again, there are other great movements you could choose from. Be mindful that if you are missing a bench press at the top of the lift, it isn’t always necessarily your triceps that need work. It could be something else, or it could be a positioning issue. That being said, we could probably all benefit from tricep work. Honorable mentions for my list are dips, rack lockouts, EZ bar extensions, kettlebell extensions, and close grip push ups. I’m best off pushing the board work the heaviest for sets of 6-8, close grip bench I like to do sets of reps (8-15) and try to beat previous PR’s. The dumbbell floor press I don’t push super heavy because it gets clumsy. The extension work I usually keep lighter to avoid aggravating my arms. Hopefully these help some of you!
Yes this is talking about you Mr. Bottoms up kettlebell thruster while standing on a bosu ball and wearing a hip circle. (Literally saw that at the gym this week)

Also people who do so many "corrective" exercises that they never get past the warmup. I'm all for taking care of the body but if you never actually stress anything why do you need to fix yourself so much?

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Well now that the coach knows I went off program, I can show off this amazing picture by @riahgoeshamm and @hamm.media! She's gonna be photographing the USPA Spring Showdown at @southsideathletic. If you're gonna be there, order her picture packages because she does absolutely spectacular work!! Pay no attention to the weight on the bar. It was as heavy as I was willing to go off program 😂

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M/E lower 
Deadlift stance good mornings.  Top set 462. These are ridiculous,  set the bar slightly higher ROI mimic that of your deadlift angle.  Feet should be close together.  This will take out leg support and drive.  Miserable but highly effective. - RDLs 2x8
- bent over rows sets of 5, 315, 405, 405 365
- 100lb kb swings 3x12
- chins 3x amrap 8,8, 6
- Phelps ghr finisher 100 reps vs red
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Max effort upper.  So my poverty bench slightly moved to poverty plus! 5 x 5 starting at 275 lbs, did 10 lb increases hoping to hit 315 lbs for 5 but only got 4. I think I finally figured out how to engage lats in the bench. And I was happy to hit 3 sets of six on pullups after all the lat pulldowns I did. Get after it. #inguzstrength #conjugate #westsidecertified #powerlifting #getstronghurtfeelings #strongerisbetter #coach #maxeffort #devildog
Speed Squats 
8x2 @ 120kg
High Box Squats 
4x5 @ 100kg
I was worried that squatting would hurt given my strain, but at least for dynamic work, it did not. I’m happy about that!
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Today's workout:
*ITYWM on incline
Superset  of *Lat pull down *DB Bench w/mini band * * *95lb bench vs doubled black monster mini bands. *185 4bd press vs doubled monster minis
*Lat pull downs 3x10
*DB row 3x10
*Tate press tricep ext 3x15
*DB curls 3x12-15
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Ok, cool. Hook em! 🤘🏽but all jokes aside, you're either with us or against us. Choose wisely. #coppinstrong #conjugateu #getstronghurtfeelings
Sure, we’re all committed to training but are you “remove a window to get my new @elitefts equipment into your house” committed!!?! Thank you @hurley.toby @rachael_8629 for the support!!! #mymfsvsyourmfs #thisiscoachinggnotaGDfratparty #truthoverhype #love #peace #blessed #unicornpunchers #conjugateu #getstronghurtfeelings #elitefts #weretakinoverthistown #operationreigningblood #maxeffort #focustruststrength #LLPO #dontbeasheep #custombuilt #mymfsvsyourmfs #squat #bench #deadlift #jumps #agility #chains #bands

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Out here being a raw squatter and box squatting. 
I’m switinching my squat style and deadlift style around for this training block to see how it carrrys over to my computing lifts. 
I’m dealing with some hip and low back issues. Which is what prompted me to try this with my training as the box squat is the only thing that feels good on my hips right now. This is the first time I’ve had “heavy” weight on my back in almost 4 months. 
Project shit to suck is in full swing.
Bench was movin’ & groovin’ today!
Long pause 5’s @ ~85% feeling like a peanut followed by schpeeeedy long pause 1 board press against bands
🐻 @mikeytaco_ ——————————————————
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It was heavy. 265 with chains for a top triple off of a deficit. The star of this show is @callousedhandspower’s cheering and cueing.
Painfully breaking in new super small squat suit continues. I ended up plunging in the bathtub 🛀in an attempt to help loosen it and maybe slide up more (see story) 😁
Dynamic Effort Lower 
Today's workout:
*Band marches *Dynamic mobility *triset of McGill Big 3, Reverse hypers 2x12
45° back ext, 2x12 *banded belt squats 2x10 *Squats with green bands 235x8x2 *Deadlift w/ QUADED red minis 225
*Inverse curl 3x10
*reverse hyper 3x15
*abs 3x20 . 
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Tonight’s dynamic lower.. 55% straight weight. Squats 6x3 ( up to a minutes rest between sets ) deadlifts 10x1 ( 10 seconds rest between sets ) these are both the last sets.  #mcqueenmethod #conjugatemethod #getstronghurtfeelings #strengthshopuk #sbdapparel #squats #deadlifts #speed #strength  #powerlifting #beards #beardedandtattooed #tattooedandstrong #ink #inkaddict #workhard #overcomingweaknesses  @hanna_clews good session...
Good ol @mountaindog1 inspired #deadstopdbrows Side 1: is my “bad” side. Side 2: is my more agreeable side. Unilateral work is important not to exasperate the issue. There IS a place for symmetry in Powerlifting. These were a not so pretty accessory after chair deads, which felt great (but still made me pee my pants.. and I had the wrong damn shoes, shorts and underwear again! 🤦🏻‍♀️#whenwilligetthisright #anneville #conjugatemethod #strongher #gwpl #ifbbpro #femalebodybuilder #getstronghurtfeelings
Last week my deload week ended up being didn't do shit week because I got real sick. Wasnt sure how today's Max Effort work was going to go because I'm still feeling blah! But Daammm, managed to hit a deadlift 3 rep max PR at 570 lbs. OOO RAH! followed it up with some beltless squats 5 x 5 @ 365 which sucked cause I was smoked after deadlifts. Reverse hypers, kettlebell swings,  pendlay rows,  abs! #inguzstrength #conjugate #westsidecertified #yooperstrong #oldmanstrength #powerlifting #devildog #getstronghurtfeelings #strongerisbetter #coach #conjugateu
The amount of texts & DMs I got after my post yesterday made me so happy. So many of you telling me how good you think I look at this heavier weight and how I look happy & healthy. Y’all put the biggest smile on my face. 
I’m learning to be comfortable in my own skin and be proud of what my body is capable of, no matter what number the scale says. 
Thanks for all the love & positive vibes. It’s always so so so appreciated 💪🏻🖤 ————————————————————————
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QUICK TIPS TO AVOID BOMBING...it’s coming for you, if it hasn’t yet. It may be due to one of these common reasons, or something totally unrelated. This is the beauty of a meet, right? You pay to have you lifts judged to some kind of standard. It doesn’t matter what you WANT to do, the meet always has it’s own plans. Set yourself up for a good meet by preparing yourself as best you can beforehand. You’re lifting in a foreign environment, without your favorite music, on different equipment, on someone else’s time, and around people you don’t know. Meets have a ton of variables you CAN’T control. These are all variables you CAN control. Most of these tips speak for themselves for the most part. Maybe you might choose to increase the weight for your second attempt if you miss a command. But even then, maybe you miss it again, and you’re spent after that. Managing anxiety is a discussion in itself, of which I admittedly simplify here. However, anxiety is something one needs to unpack on an individual basis. There is no one size fits all fix with it. It took me a very, very long time to learn how to manage mine. My anxieties and fears present themself as aggression, which is common in many lifters. Your aggression must be tempered if it causes you to forget your technique, or rush through things. Too much aggression, arousal, or anxiety leads to stupid and avoidable mistakes. You may benefit from having someone who knows you that can bring you back down to earth a bit when needed. I find it best to approach a meet much like I do training. There’s only a few times you truly need to be firing on all cylinders at a meet. You’re on the platform with a bar in your hands for all of them. Bombing doesn’t define you. It’s a chance for you to learn about yourself, and to avoid that mistake next time.
What does proper training, nutrition and RECOVERY look like? Like this! ...
That’s right - it’s BACK! Big shoutout to Elly for trusting the process. In addition to working with @mustache_fitness_and_barbell , Elly has been utilizing chiropractic on a weekly basis to keep her back strong and healthy between training sessions. She had every reason to drop from this meet, but instead she kept her eye on the prize and crushed it. On to the next one✌🏼
You know where to find me, no soliciting necessary. DM me for an appointment. #getstronghurtfeelings #buffalo #ny #chiropractor #powerlifting
Sunday night squaties 🤗
I’ve never trained this late so I was feeling tired af but we got shit done.
230x5 followed by more #chaingang cambered bar good mornings for a 5x8. RIP my posterior chain 😅
@mikeytaco_ ————————————————————————
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WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? I’m positive you can google, “static stretching” and find 100 articles on the positives, and 100 on the negatives. I’m not here to discuss those with you. I’m here to share my experience and remind you to ask yourself why you’re doing the things that you do. I apologize if you read this hoping to get into reasons why I choose powerlifting. I’ve discussed that, and it isn’t all that sexy or inspirational. Rewind to 10 years ago. I get out of bed every morning at 4:00 am. The first thing I do is roll my body on a foam roller, and static stretch my entire body for about 20 minutes. I did this every single day for years. Why did I do it? A football coach told me in high school that it would be beneficial, and I didn’t really have anything or anyone to tell me otherwise. I got a little smarter, and a little more experienced. I asked myself, “why am I doing this every day? With no good reason, I stopped. Low and behold, nothing changed. I could still move fine. I worked a physically demanding job with no issues. So what are my thoughts on static stretching, now? I like to do some to loosen my hips up before I bench, and that’s about it. But now, there’s a reason for why I do it. These mistakes are harder to make now than they used to be, now that a bigger body of information exists. I’m not saying static stretching should never be done. It should be done if there’s a reason behind doing it, and it works for you. This is less about touching your toes, and more about having a reason behind your actions. Are you doing an exercise at the gym, just because you’ve always done it? Or you saw someone do it? Are you taking a supplement because you just always have? Are you doing an exercise because you’re good at it, and it inflated your ego? Don’t be afraid to question. Your time, in and out of the gym, is precious. Don’t waste it doing things that have no real purpose behind them. Subtract them, and see if anything changes.