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chapters one and two are published :’) link in bio !! ps look at this precious baby
Guys I TRIED!!😩 ok!! This recolor took me an hour to make and honestly I think it turned out pretty good!! 😊
What do you guys think of this recolor? 🤔 should I make more? ——————————————————————
If you’re going to repost this make sure to tag me 😉 oh and if you want me to make a recolor for you just dm me a picture 😘
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otro dueto con @labelliido 💛
de verdad me flipa hacer duetos con esta chica 😚
me gustaría más si mi mierda móvil no cambiase la luz cada dos por tres q es una mierda agg
Vapormax hit or miss?🖤
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.burda dost satilmaz kef eleyin
.əvvəl polis olmax isdəyən indi polisdən qaçir
the co-owners:
congrats! 🎉 to everyone who didn’t get in : you are very talented, it was VERY hard to pick. :( anyways i will add all the new co-owners in a gc tommorow morning and tell you details. congrats again!❤️
“I thought you into my life, woah look at my mind”☁️🖤