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E o poder?! 🔥
I am more than the hype. I give you life.
Ft @kisharamarie 
Hair @bynasetia @ondibuhair ⚠️ styledbystylez ⚠️
Last night was fun to say the least 💚 @officialgreenvelvet
Bandung, 19 Agustus 2019

Perkenalkan, ia teman dalam bernada saya ketika SMA. Pada waktu itu semua menyanyikan lagu-lagu pop punk, ska, dll, kita tetap pada jalur kita menyanyikan  lagu-lagu pop. Sudah lama kita tak bersua akhirnya kembali bertemu untuk bersuara. Senangnya, bukan hanya bertemu untuk bernada. Dengan obrolan-obrolan kecil kita tentang kehidupan, saya jadi lebih mengerti apa itu hidup. Ketika dihadapkan dengan dua pilihan, kita harus bijak dalam memilih pilihan tersebut. Saya tidak menyangka dan sangat senang bisa kembali bertemu. Semoga pertemanan ini, selamanya. Aamiin.
Journey Begins
Bring your tech ideas to life at the Jaycar Maker Hub on Level 1. 🛠
life does nobody fair plays
it’s just the way it flees
thanks for the mems LA 💙
La flame. #StayLost @nataliaadlt
quero deixar pra trás a dor, 
se for brega acreditar no amor, 
tô brega de amor. <3
Photo by @mvzlov 
This is so trippy. He’s one of my favorite photographers out there. I really dig the colors. Tag your pictures to #inspireangelo to be featured on here.
Photo by @ajmediaports 
This is so aesthetically pleasing. The model is really beautiful. Tag your pictures to #inspireangelo to be featured on here.
Photo by @garethpon 
This is so dope. I really like the few colors of this. Tag your pictures to #inspireangelo to be featured on here.
ft  @iampersuasian 📸 @capturedbyque ⚠️ styledbystylez ⚠️
Vai uma batatinha aí?
Fotografia e edição : @rafa.olli
Modelo : @marih_rey
Succulent always make Sunday’s better. 😆
on the water, in the clouds. still one of the most amazing shoots ever. we got rained out like 5 minutes after this shot. 🤣🙃 || #stephaniebphotography
Hoy no ha llovido y he salido a jugar. Noruega ya me fascinaba con los pies en el suelo, ahora vista desde las alturas es que me quita el aliento. 💚
You gonna need a life jacket for the drip 🐍💚 drop a 🐍💚 in the comments ⚠️ styledbystylez ⚠️ 📸 @missythestylist
Loving how creative people get with the backdrop of a photo! Great location & amazing angle! 
Model: @kyra.gill 
Photographer: @not.benji 
Chosen by: @be_still_studios
Land of ice and fire, Iceland.
Iceland, 2018.
Iceland 2018
an orchestra of angel trumpets 🔮
Happy Sunday! 🥰 We have an amazing fitness + swimwear shoot today, be sure to check our stories for behind the scenes 💕
Art Direction / Photography / Styling / Set: 
Obsidian + Blush
Male model: Caleb O’rourke
Hair and makeup: lux beauty and bridal
Suit designer: Mysterious by NPN
🌿 Photo: 📷@esmaa_76
Yall were in high school calling teenage boys scrubs. Now look at your baby father’s....Welp 🤷🏽‍♂️ #TopGolf