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Spring is coming! 🌱
🚨 all red 🚨
Beautiful day in the A. Blessings up!!!
I wish I could tell you that it’s all alright. 
That I could somehow show you what it is that I see in you. 
All of the beauty that fills you. 
The light. The energy.
I wish that I could somehow explain to you that you are so much more than your wounds. 
You’re so much more than the scars that people have left on your heart.
I wish you could see it from my eyes. 
That I could somehow explain it all to you in a way that would cause you to feel its truth as deeply as I do. 
That I could somehow help you to understand. 
Your heart is crying out, my darling, and your body isn’t listening.
If you could hear those shrieking cries of the broken boy you began to neglect long ago, would you see that you’re only hurting yourself, too?
Would you anguish in this new found perspective?
Would you desperately learn to love yourself, once again?
Or would you run away and drink that idea away, too?
Photojournalism - 4th Semester [8/9]
kaws lace up method✖️✖️
Reunion Dinner 2019.