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I never want to stop making memories with you. #archofcabo #arcodecabo #cabo #loscabos #mexico #jennick #love #travel #wanderlust #travelgram #memories #vacationmode #cabosanlucas
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Happy summer! ☀️ #cabosanlucas
Un viaje te deja satisfecho en muchos sentidos, permítete conocer los lugares con los que siempre soñaste, añoraste y atrévete a vivir esa experiencia y dínos cuál es tu próximo destino, ¡antes de que sea tarde! 😀🌎✈
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Met these babes on IG and spontaneously took a trip to Mexico together, totally casual, right?! The pineapples of my eye 🍍 —
Have you ever become besties IRL w babes you’ve met online?! ✨ /
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Out of office🕊🌴 Dress from @girlandthesun✨
Hanging with my 4 fine-apples 🍍 what an amazing trip I had with these babes! I miss our tequila shot nights already!
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🍍🍌 SWIPE FOR BTS & keep reading for the most raw and vulnerable I've ever been on this app.⁣
I'm gonna be honest AF with you guys about this one, so listen up! This ADORABLE picture was honestly one of the most stressful shoots I've ever participated in. When I shoot, it's usually by myself (and @ohbucksean duh) at a predetermined location, with a predetermined pose and props. I knew that wouldn't be as feasible during travels and especially when trying to shoot with a bunch of other people.⁣
There were 3-4 cameras clicking at the same time and I felt the anxiety just bubbling up until I couldn't take it anymore and exploded because I'm such a nervous wreck when it comes to taking pictures.
When I exploded during the shoot, Sean felt it the worst and he shut down because of my crabbiness and rudeness. It was not one of my proudest moments. He totally quit shooting and just walked away. I don't believe we spoke for the next few hours, and the rest of the day was completely off.
I'm constantly hit with "relationship goals" comments about how great it must be to work with my husband on my shoots. The reality is - you don't actually know what's going on behind the scenes, you only see highlights and snippets. You only know what we allow you to know and as much as we're willing to share.⁣
Sean and I spend 90% (YES, 90%) of our time FIGHTING during shoots. We haven't figured out why yet, but it's something we're working on. They are mentally draining and take an emotional toll on us. So at the sacrifice of our marriage and happiness, we produce "great content."⁣
Is worth it? Probably not. I just want this all to be out in the open so that everyone knows it's not always rainbows and butterflies. It's a STRUGGLE.⁣
To make myself feel better and put a smile on someone's face, I've come together with these fabulous ladies for a little giveaway. Just check my stories for instructions!
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What’s more a-peel-ing than Prime Day? 🍌Meeting these 3 babes IRL! 🍌

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Now that’s a deal I’m down for today. 
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