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Adding some resistance to those deadlift was no joke 💪🏼🦁💥 . Stiff leg deadlifts with band tension  Working my sets of 8 
Leg press #1 quad emphasis 
5 working sets of ten 
Leg press #2 
Strip sets of ten , hit ten reps take a plate off and repeat .... Altered leg curls 
4 sets of ten - contraction and eccentric focus 
Routine by 🦍@vanillagorilladrew 💙 @humanfitnessgear 
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Haven't been feeling great for the last week, and ended up loosing that tiny bit of body fat I've been able to put on over the last 2 months. Guess this is just another year when my body rejects the bulk.
Refeed day !!!! I absolutely love this place !! @fiveguys 
So, after cleaning up my diet last few weeks I'm down from 245 lbs. To 232 lbs. 
Just shook off a lil fluff from constantly eating in a caloric surplus. 
But I was feeling super sluggish at the gym today, couldn't get a pump, & looked flat as hell.
So let's shock the body's insulin sensitivity & get back on track tomorrow. 
Ohhhh, & tomorrow is #legday 
Its gonna be a fun one. Get to put all this food to good use !!! #fit #fitness #workout #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #ifbb #blackstonelabs
Me han criticado mucho por subir fotos despeinada, desmaquillada, por no ser perfectamente perfecta como la mayoría de las chicas que se muestran en Instagram... no tengo ningún problema, ni con las críticas, ni con mis barros, ni con mis ojeras, ni con mis estrías, ni con mi celulitis, ni con mi porcentaje de grasa o músculo, aún así trabajo duro para mejorar cada día, no solo mi aspecto físico sino internamente, un cuerpo responde mejor cuando la mente funciona sanamente. Claro que tengo estrés, cargas, inseguridades como todas, pero cuando las reconocí y las acepté, me quité kilos de encima que llevaba años cargando 😅 ya no siento la necesidad de proyectar una perfección imposible e inexistente, es calmante mostrarte como eres, sin aparentar, sin posar, sin cuidar o esconder detalles superficiales, pffff no cambiaría esto por nada, así soy. Es importante el físico, pero solo los primeros 10 minutos, después debes tener algo más que ofrecer...
Aquele treino de bíceps e tríceps no sabadão, porque todo dia é dia!
40 minutos de treino e um pump insano. 💀
Você mantém o foco até no final de semana?
The barbell row is a staple in the weightroom for increased back size and strength. Problem is a lot of athletes and lifters will use momentum to “cheat” reps or pull from a poor angle due to the stress it puts on the lumbar spine.
Replace the common “barbell row” with the Pendlay row, named after coach Glenn Pendlay. Performing the Pendlay row you pull the barbell from the floor each rep. Essentially, it’s a “strict” barbell row - removing the use of momentum. Keep the tension in the bar throughout the duration of the lift, start each rep directly from the floor. This allows you to remain in a hip hinge with your chest parallel to the floor, pulling from the proper angle with a neutral spine.
The Pendlay row is great for increased static and concentric strength, aiding performance in both Olympic lifts and powerlifting. Starting each rep from the floor allows you to pull from the proper back angle, increasing size and strength in the entire posterior chain while also improving trunk stability.
Want a BIG STRONG back? Replace the barbell row with the Pendlay row, commonly prescribed @ 4-5x8-10 for hypertrophy, reps can be dropped lower (3-6) for strength focus.
Video 1 - Pendlay Row
Video 2 - Barbell Row
Leg day: .
- Extensora - 2x 60
Agachamento - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 4
- Hack Machine - 4x 5 a 8
- Leg 45 + Extensora - 3x falha
- Extensora - 4x falha .
- Passada 4x falha
. - Cadeira Adutora 4x falha ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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4 weeks into my cut. 183 ➡️ 176lbs. Abs are back. Strength holding. Happy enough. (Its dirt on the mirror... not something in my barnet)
“Everybody wanna be a body builder but don’t no one wanna lift no heavy ass weight” - Ronnie Coleman
Peace ✌