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📖Magic library at a mysterious time, pink for turmoil...
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Posted @withrepost • @shielagmarcelo GLAM UP. 💄
I'm not a fan of makeup. In fact, i got a culture shock when i saw a lot of students in college wear make-up (parang mga campus diva!lol!) But over the years, i've learned to appreciate the good side of putting some powder and lipstick (im open to trying different shades) and i would go to salon on occasions to do a makeover on me- para magmukhang tao!!! 😊 Soon, i realized habang tumatanders, you learn to read some beauty tips and explore more beauty products (pero mabigat sa kalooban gumastos sa makeup kaya asa pa more sa gifts and pasalubong hehe!) So here's what i got for my everyday use (lakas maka-celebrity!! endorse pa more!!) 😛😛😛
1) OLAY Total Effects - intense moisture face and body wash, white radiance serum, day cream SPF 15, and night cream (yes, it's anti-aging), they cleanse away dirt and impurities (thanks to Ate Lei for pushing me to use day&night cream, kahit kakatamad minsan);
2) REDKEN 5th Ave. NYC - smooth lock heat glide for my pasaway na hair, hassle-free plantsa (thanks to my niece Ghia @ninangg for introducing this to me);
3) REVLON Balm Stain - if you're brave to be loud like me, choose Just Bitten Kissable for the rich, hot pink effect on your lips kahit nade-destract na kausap mo haha! (Thanks to my cousin Dess for this lippy na pinilit kong ipasalubong); 4)E.L.F. hypershine lip gloss (na nakalimutan ko sinong nagpasalubong 🙈) and pressed powder (mumurs lang from @watsonsph )- these two are my basic needs makeup;
5) AVON Big & Daring glimmerstick kohl deep brown, it's easy to apply  though i don't use this as an eyeliner but as brow definer (take it from the expert, accdng. Connie my sister-in-law "Ate, pag maganda ang kilay mo, maganda ka!");
6) Lastly, BARE MINERALS face brush, my one and only makeup tool.
And SOPHIE PARIS intense shadow stick (folklore brown) just arrived; ill try it on Monday😊
BTW, the wooden brush is a gift from La May  gustong-gusto ko gamitin...ansarap ipangkamot ng ulo! Ha! Ha! Ha!
So there...
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