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Kendall for #versace
KD went SAVAGE MODE last night!
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Ball basket

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What’s a baller🏀 without his merch?👕
What’s a entrepreneur 👔without his drive? 🔒
What’s a “drive”🚀 without the passion? 🤲🏻 You can sit there until your blue in the face trying to make it happen for yourself in the entrepreneur world but without the PASSION for what you do, it will all fade 📉 away!

You will find true happiness in your life when you integrate passion along with what you do! 🙏

GO out there and make your dream life come TRUE! 👊 Tag 3 ballers you know to receive a special shoutout! 🤪#imonthatnewroad #passionovereverything
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Welcome to OKC! @keefmorris5.0 !

There is a lot of bullshit in the physical preparation world and altitude masks are one of them. Not just you look like a creep or psycho when wearing them you also get no of proposed performance enhancement benefits. Oh yeah, they cost money too.🙄
So what is wrong with this altitude mask?
Simply, the benefits of altitude come from the lower partial atmospheric pressure of the oxygen. The only way to decrease partial pressure is to go somewhere high where the air is "thinner" or use a specialized device or chamber (which cost a lot).🏔
At a lower partial pressure, there will be less oxygen in the blood and the body will eventually increase hemoglobin and capillary density to overcome these "problems". These adaptions will potentially provide endurance enhancement benefits.⬆️
Putting a psychopath mask on your face will do absolutely nothing to change a partial pressure of the oxygen. It can only limit the total amount of air you are getting in the system but endurance is limited by the amount of oxygen in that air, and how you use it. ⚠️
The only possible benefits you can see from using altitude mask is by improving the strength of breathing muscles, however, there are better-specialized devices for this type of training. Also, there isn't a lot of evidence that shows performance improvements after respiratory muscle training.🤷‍♂️
To conclude stop wasting your time and money on these masks, they are not going to get you better.👎
Drop me a message if you have any questions.📬🏀
Work hard, play hard🏀‼️ Basketclub Trecate 🆚 5PARI
📅 24/02
⌚ 18.00
Most disrespectful video ever💀
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This matchup would be so entertaining 🍿🍾🦊🏀 Who Agrees?
Is @jharden13 this year’s MVP, Thoughts on his Player Rating🏀🤔? @sports_kingdom97 |Idea/Format: @the.nba.ace| Which player should I do next?‼️James Harden is not a “terrible” defender, I’d rate him at right about average. At times he can even be above average when he wants to be. But, due to the fact that he exerts so much energy on offense, he takes brakes on defense and a lot the time he dosent try or guards the least threatening offensive matchup. This is the reason for the 2 star rating 🤷🏾‍♂️‼️
Wait for it 💀
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Drop a comment if you got VI PRIDE 🇻🇮
Had fun last night watching a team of VI assassins take on the great team of Brazil. -
Who wants to see the highlights?
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Great players become great players because they master the mundane and what average players would call “boring”. Successful players and people get the most out of every opportunity and experience. Unsuccessful players and people find a way to do and get the least out of every opportunity and experience.... WHO ARE YOU?!?