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Fun fact about me: every morning when I hear my pawrents waking up I jump in the bed and lay on back right between them. I put my head on their pillow I fall right back to sleep. Also whenever I sleep on back I snore quite loudly.
Photo by @daisygilardini
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Baltiz💚 -i’m not a🐒😽 #happyboy .
Happy SUNday🌤⛅️😺
Minime. ♥
When it's #SundayFunday and you get to play on the bed. 😸🎈 #reasontosmile
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Clouded Leopard 🐾
Photo by ©Colin Langford
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Obter sangue de ouriços é fácil e seguro se você seguir essa dica 🙊🦔 Uma maneira de obter sangue suficiente de ouriços para painéis de diagnóstico (e, finalmente, salvá-los se tiver alguma doença) é usar a veia cava craniana. No entanto, tem havido relatos de ouriços morrendo após a coleta de sangue para hemotórax. Para evitar esse horrível evento, eu obtenho o sangue muito mais “superficialmente” do que a maioria dos recursos sugere, dessa forma estou obtendo uma amostra da veia cava cranial no nível em que as veias jugulares se fundem, ao invés de profundas. no peito
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Getting blood from hedgehogs is easy and safe if you follow this tip 🙊🦔 One of the way to obtain sufficient amount of blood from hedgehogs for diagnostic panels (and ultimately to save them if have some disease) is to use the cranial vena cava. However, there have been reports of hedgehogs dying aftee blood sampling for hemothorax. In order to prevent this horrible event, I obtain the blood much more “superficially” then what most resources suggest to, in this way I am actually obtaining a sample from the cranial vena cava at the level where the jugular veins merge, rather than deep in the chest ✌🏼😊
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New little human friends. 💕
The boys both did so well today on our standup paddle board. Harley was so comfortable with jumping on it and just hanging out. To my surprise, Axel got right on it when I encouraged him and had no problem with it and wasn’t scared at all!
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In the spirit of #nationalpuppyday ~please enjoy~ 
Photo 1) Brotherly bonding💕
Beans at 2 months old and Tater at 7 months old 
Photo 2) Beans’ first bath!
Beans at 6 weeks old, Tater at 6 months. 
Photo 3) Tater’s litter of 4 sleeping in a pile😍 
They were about 5 weeks old. 
Photo 4) Mom holding 4 out of 10 puppies from Beans’ litter!
They were almost exactly one month old!