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hilarious Chanel Oberlin quotes from ‘Scream Queens’. 😂💋💄 which is your favorite?
Lorelei Lee [Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953] 🎬
Blair Waldorf [Gossip Girl, 2007] 🎬
Amelia Kinkade as Angela Franklin on behind the scenes of ‘Night of the Demons 2’ in 1994.
Eve [Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013] 🎬
Ginger & Jonas [As Told by Ginger, 2000] 🎬
Dean Cathy Munsch [Scream Queens, 2015] 🎬
Regina George [Mean Girls, 2004] 🎬
choke to death! 💀👠🔪
madison montgomery, movie star.
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AHS QUIZES „Who are you more like ?“ ❓❓❓
There will be 10 quizzes with 5 questions each. The results will show which character are you more like from these on the last photo. Of course, don‘t take this as something serious, it‘s just for fun. 
Share your results in the comments 😀
(❗️I decided to change the quiz a little bit,so you won’t know which are the characters by the end ) #ahs #americanhorrorstory #ahsedit #americanhorrorstoryedit #ahsfx #ahsmurderhouse #ahsasylum #ahscoven #ahsfreakshow #ahshotel #ahroanoke #ahscult #ahsapocalypse #ahs1984
Chanel Oberlin [Scream Queens, 2015] 🎬
Chanel Number 3 [Scream Queens, 2015] 🎬
Lisa Rowe [Girl, Interrupted, 1999] 🎬
Madison Montgomery [AHS Coven, 2013] 🎬
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