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[only one]

two free birds
chirping around
one is chasing
one is being chased
not by each other
but by another lover
yet two stay together
always in wonder
will they fall
to each other
or just two free birds
this one was made some time during the long holiday after the end on high school. about love that will never meet because they were running on a different track.
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in frame is @finicharisaa. i took the photo on some day i don't recall. it was at the local library and the ocassion was waiting for the announcement of PMR competition.
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[your color]

another chapter is ending
we sit on a gray chair
wearing colorful outfits
covered in dark blankets
in a dim-lighted
wonderland-themed room

two shackles has been broken
the last one still restricting our necks
a fancy door in front of us
wooden coated in gold
crowned with diamonds
the end of the chapter
with number thirty on it

almost three revolutions
black and white and a thousand colors in between
but one shines a divergent:
a unicorn, white as the brightest day
and a perching brown sparrow,
an old poem that i made during the extra class back on the last year of highschool. when the lesson that afternoon wasn't so interesting and we talked about the coming farewell party and prom night.
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in frame is @finicharisaa . i took the photo on some day i don't recall. it was at the local library and the occasion was waiting for the announcement of PMR competition.
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i'm starting a photoblog (an a poetry blog?) :)
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#blackandwhite #contrast #blacklit #blacklight #photographylovers #ig_exquisite #main_vision #ig_shotz #ig_masterpiece #icatching #agameoftones
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sorry for the repost. the background was awful.
Lieutenant Joshi: We’re all just looking out for something real. (She looks at him. A little too long. Looks at the bottle.) What happens if I finish this?
Officer KD6-3.7: (Doesn’t react.) Shouldn’t I get back to work, Madam.
—Blade Runner 2049
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📍Barafundle Bay
📍Pembrokeshire Coast
Is it worth it?
I am deeply convinced that everything is possible. That, with enough determination, every goal, however unrealistic, can be reached. That the world offer unlimited possibilities. 
So, what are the braces?
The main ones are the fact that human abilities are no more than a drop compared to the ocean depths of the universe. We, humans, unlike the world itself, are limited. We depend on money, the physical abilities of the bodies, and, most importantly, time. I’ve said it hundreds of times (and probably gonna repeat thousands more): we don’t have much time. Our life span is way too short for us allowing ourselves the pleasure of wasting it or manage it inefficiently. One more brace is the price one may be willing to pay for reaching their goal. 
That’s why, before setting any goal, I ask myself, whether all that effort is worth the result. Whether I will not be discouraged halfway to my goal. What are the chances of my efforts being paid off? Because, you know, choosing one goal out of many means not putting them on hold, but actually abandoning them, giving up on them. And you cannot have it all. 
That questioning could be the greatest brace of all. The fear of unknown, to be more exact. However, if you are unsure whether you really want something, it means that you don’t actually desire it, right?
Sometimes, we all have to choose. 
Somewhere, at the dawn of life, the realization that the world, unlike human abilities, may be limitless, strikes. And after all those way too well-known stages (shock-denial-anger-bargaining-depression) comes acceptance. And with it - the necessity of choices. And every choice has consequences. 
No one else but I am responsible for my life. Because it’s me who makes all those choices (not making them or allowing others to do so is a choice, too).Thus, it’s me and me alone who has to deal with all the consequences that arise. 
Some of those are far from pleasant. That sometimes makes me think that there might not be any need for hell as we can handle torturing ourselves just fine. Guilt, missed opportunities, harsh words... all that is deadlier than the ice of Cocytus and the flaming tombs or being stretched upon the burning sand.
It’s easy to succumb to all those tortures and let your life flow. Letting others and the life itself decide is simple, but it leads nowhere. Nowhere you might want to be, at least. After all, all those choices shape the personality. Every choice is not only the choice of the path to follow, it is also the choice of the traits to nurture. All of them are like cutting a diamond out of dirty stone. 
And there is never too late to make some changes. 
You cannot unmake the previous choices but you can make the new ones. 
After all, it’s you who decides.
One year ago, my life changed enormously.
Before that I used to joke that the only kind of pets I happened to have at home were my younger siblings. However, one year ago our cat found us.
It was a quiet and warm early summer evening. Our neighbors threw a party across the street, where we spent a great deal of the day. Tired of crowds, we one by one went to sit on our porch to catch the breath and to enjoy the stillness of the warm air. That’s when we saw it.
The first glance at its direction evoked in my memory one of Neil Gaiman’s short stories, called The Price. This cat looked like a creature straight from the story. 
A starved cat with battle wounds, swaying on both feet, went to our porch and lay not far away from us, watching us and staying alert. We were looking at it, surprised and amused by its appearance.
We found some food for it in the house (salmon steak and some milk) and slowly, after greedily eating, it started approaching us, staying alert. We all dreaded that its owner might come to us, searching for the cat, because, without saying it out loud, all of us already wanted to keep it.
Well, we couldn’t find the owner so next day we headed to the vet, where we found out that our cat was actually a girl (before that we were absolutely sure that it’s a boy - see how little experience we got). Since then, our cat, named after the Robber’s daughter from a children book, lives with us.
And there is no better present for the beginning of the summer.
Game of Drones 🛩️