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Ariana Spotify album updates:
Yours Truly; 670+ Million.
My Everything; 3 Billion.
Dangerous Woman; 2.9 Billion.
Sweetener; 1.8 Billion.
Thank u, Next; 800+ Million.
Yours Truly is really close to 700 Million.
My Everything is really close to 3.1 Billion.
Dangerous Woman is really close on hitting 3 Billion.
Sweetener is almost at 2 Billion.
And my prediction is that Thank U, next will hit 1 Billion next week / two weeks.
I’ll give you a better update tomorrow πŸ’ž.
Ariana Youtube updates (likes):
7 rings: 4.6 Million.
Thank u, next: 8.5 Million.
Side To Side: 7.5 Million.
GIAW: 3.3 Million.
Breathin: 1.9 Million.
Dangerous Woman: 3.1 Million.
Into You: 3.4 Million.
Problem: 4.8 Million.
Break Free: 4.1 Million.
Love Me Harder: 2.9 Million.
Focus: 4.4 Million.
The Way: 2.2 Million.
AINE: 743K.
LMLY: 1.5 Million.
TLIC: 1 Million.
Santa Tell Me: 1.8 Million.
Right There: 981K.
Baby I: 1.1 Million.
One Last Time: 2.3 Million.
Bang Bang: 5.7 Million.
Ariana Youtube updates;
NTLTC: 731.551.209 (lets get it to 750Million)
Breatin: 85.541.826 (lets get it to 100Million)
Side To Side: 1.498.859.465 (its really close to 1.5Billion)
Problem: 1.145.482.714 (lets get it to 1.2Billion)
Break Free: 987.036.330 (lets get it to 1Billion)
Focus: 818.392.971 (lets get it to 850Million)
Into You: 659.387.614 (lets get it to 700Million)
Love Me Harder: 591.861.646 (lets get it to 600Million)
Dangerous Woman: 471.202.534 (lets get it to 500Million)
The Way: 363.288.836 (lets get it to 400Million)
One Last Time: 297.851.803 (lets get it to 300Million)
Thank u, next: 291.032.738 (lets get it to 300Million)
LMLY: 227.429.150 (lets get it to 250Million)
GIAW: 199.652.937 (REALLY close to 200Million)
Santa Tell Me: 170.988.270 (lets get it to 200Million)
Baby I: 162.372.472 (lets get it to 180Million)
Right There: 148.196.337 (lets get it to 150Million)
7 rings: 133.480.177 (lets get it to 150Million)
Everyday: 124.062.765 (lets get it to 150Million)
AINE: 78.441.265 (lets get it to 100Million)
TLIC: 44.683.841 (lets get it to 50Million)
Bang Bang: 1.289.565.489 (lets get it to 1.3Billion)
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