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Our own George Kolodner, MD, co-founder and medical director of Kolmac, recently spoke with the DC chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association about the latest developments in substance use disorders. Thank you to everyone who attended this meeting!
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•3 YEARS• This was my last social media post my mom was alive to “like”...that’s the type of thought grievers have on the regular. Yesterday, I thought about it being exactly 3 years prior that I drove passed her condo to see if she had gone to work. I was so furious when I saw her car there because it meant she was on another binge...I did not stop that day, fearing what I might say or do. Today, I live with wondering what might have happened if I had stopped that day. As a griever, I try not to dwell on the destructive thoughts but every April these seemingly endless thoughts creep in and I fight to not become consumed. I am still making peace with the fact that we perhaps cannot change God’s plans. Maybe I could have prolonged her life, but for how long...and at what cost? Over 1,000 days have passed and not one has passed without @chartresbeth in my thoughts. 
#Alcoholism #Addiction #Loss #Grief #Grieving #Healing #MentalHealth [ORIGINAL POST]📫Sending off my @23andme kit today! Hoping for some enlightening results. 📊 #NeedAnswers ☯ #23andme
I may have a small face mask addiction... today I got to try my newest mask while I wait for the next one to arrive... stay tuned for my next post #pamper #facemask #addiction #loveyourskin #imobsessed
So proud of my husband! He came from a life of addiction but Jesus came and brought life to his soul. He would say that he thought he was going to die as an addict. BUT GOD... How kind of God to choose him to speak at the Sunrise Easter Service on Sunday! 
Details below! Written by the Reading Eagle “Local religion digest: PA Adult and Teen Challenge leader to speak at Easter Dawn Service.

Kristopher J. McFadden, president and chief executive officer of PA Adult and Teen Challenge, will be the speaker at the Easter Dawn Service at the William Penn Memorial Tower on Mount Penn on April 21 at 6:30 a.m.”
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BEEN AROUND THE WORLD AND I ..... I FOUND MY BABY! 🕉❤🕉 Hoping you know that someone loves you today, just as you are, and we pray you learn to love yourself fully, just as we all are. We are not alone, and we can trust ourselves when our thoughts are trustworthy.  Please, Pay it forward.

Das schönste ist, einen Partner zuhaben die dein Hobby bzw Leidenschaft teilt, dich vollends unterstützt und mehr als nur Verständnis für das Training zeigt..👫
Motiviert euch gegenseitig bei euren Zielen und lernt gegenseitig Toleranz und Verständnis zu zeigen dann lebt es sich nicht nur leichter ihr schenkt euch immer wieder auf's neue Glück und Wertschätzung ☝️❗❗❗❗❗

Wünsche euch allen schöne Feiertage genisst die Zeit mit euren liebsten und  mit den Menschen die euch wichtig sind 🙏🐰 #love #lifestyle #addiction #bodybuilding #positivevibes #krafttraining #kraftsport #sportmotivation #fitness #gym #gymshark #goals #lovecouple #gesundleben #muskelaufbau #motivation #muskeln #igfit #shape #beintraining #fitnessmodel #fitnessforlife #instafit #muscleandhealth #gymgirl #motivation #sportlife #зож #фитоняшка
It doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday morning or Wednesday morning, when we begin our day with gratitude and a healthy mindset, we set the precedent for the rest of the day. Waking up with a hangover is probably one of the best ways to ruin a day that may otherwise bring magic into your life, so is waking up resentful of others and in a place of non-forgiveness. You never know what the Universe has in store for you on any given day, but you need to be in a state of receiving, which means a clear healthy mind, staying in gratitude for what you already do have and getting out and moving your body, whether that be a walk in nature, going to the gym or a class, or just walking your dog. Keep your mind open to all possibilities, because there is a creative highly intelligent powerful force working for you behind the scenes when you live right. 💞
Alcohol, food, obsession with work or working out, gambling, weed, pills. We find all sorts of ways to numb ourselves from the unhealed pain in our lives. Much of this pain is stored in our brain and carried over from our childhood year after year and then added upon as those original unhealthy experiences (which are now outdated) affect our current behavior and cause more chaos in our lives. When you remove the numbing ingredient, you are forced to deal with those issues without a barrier. And that is the only way you can begin to heal them. It’s the most challenging thing you will ever do in your entire life. It is also the most brave, as well as the most rewarding. And it is always worth it.
“Why is this happening?”, “Can I stop my negative patterns?”, “Does that type of love even exist?”, “Will this sadness ever pass?”. We ask and ask and ask. We have years that demand that we get into the mud and explore ourselves, our narratives, our partners and family systems and our wounding. There are years that have us asking questions and then….there are years that give us answers. Years that give us freedom and peace from what once caused us suffering. There are years that have us finding our way and that prove to us that we have earned it. Years that move growth and healing into transformation. Keep moving. Keep growing and asking. Keep LISTENING. If there’s anything you do, listen over and over again. Listen differently, listen and learn. Listen and move defensiveness out of your way. Listen and remove explanation. Listen to the answers that are trying to make their way to you.
True love is unconditional. It sounds like bumper sticker cliché, but it’s truth. When we truly love someone, a partner, a friend, a family member, we do so without question and without changing our love for them based on their behavior. This does not mean that we have to spend time with them if we don’t like their behavior (after we have expressed this to them when the time is appropriate – not when reactionary) but it means that we will love them regardless. ❤️#unconditionallove
Our decisions lead us to our growth. They lead us to the lessons we need to learn and to our transformation. Obsessing over a “right or wrong” decision doesn’t lead us anywhere but stuck. Yes, we can choose to be disappointed in our decisions and look back and wonder if we made the right choice, but a different choice would just lead to a different set of lessons and growth opportunities. ❤️ #deepakchopra
Everyone has emotional pain that is either in the process of being healed or that is unresolved. When we work on our healing and face our truths, we grow and mature emotionally and spiritually and find a new freedom and happiness, regardless of how painful the past was. These incidents cause us to “crack” in one way or another 💔, but in doing so we unblock the unresolved issues deep within us and we let the light in. ❤️
It’s easy to get stuck and caught up in the conflicts, the disagreements, the criticism and judgments. It’s easy to dig in our heels, prove our point and defend our position. It’s easy to hurt others, let them down, and betray them. Of course we try to keep this to a minimum, but the truth is, being human means that we are going to co-create some of this time and time again. Life also “just happens” which means that loss, difficulty, traumas, and conflict are inevitable. If we can accept that “stuff happens”, while also committing to trying to be mindful and empathetic, the next best thing we can do is focus our energy on the repair.

Our repairs challenge us to look closely at our part. It focuses our energy on expressing our hurt and our experience while also taking accountability and ownership for what we contributed to the situation. It means we make the other person’s experience just as important as our own and we look for a way to be better as we move forward. There’s no need to tell the other person what they should be doing. Be focused on yourself. And allow the repair to be more important than your need to close off and try to protect yourself from what it is you likely need to see or feel.
The Universe is guiding you and communicating with you in every second of your life. It is responding to your thoughts and its giving you invaluable feedback through your feelings. Your feelings are cosmic communication! The good feelings mean, GOOD FOR YOU. The bad feelings are to get your attention so that you will change what you are focusing on. Tune in to the communication that is with you every day. You are never alone, not for a second. The Universe is right with you at every step, directing you. But you have to listen and then have the courage to make changes. #theuniversehasyourback
So much growth comes when we look internally, when we can see our contribution to a situation and when we can move protecting ourselves aside in order to see the way in which we impact another. How many of us have someone in our lives who deny ownership? Who can’t see their part? Who makes the problem all ours? Who says they’re just reacting to our dysfunction? Or makes the problem something outside of them? Let me let you in on a little truth: it’s not all you. Relationship communication breaks down for many reasons, but I can promise you, it’s never due to the fault of just one person. Some people will not be ready to look internally. They just won’t do it. There’s something much too painful about it that will keep them from going there: shame, clinging to old belief systems, childhood trauma, to name a few. You can’t force someone to look at their part if they’re unwilling to do it. You can’t force them to grow. And what often happens, is that we wind up injuring ourselves more by trying to find a new path in to them, time and time again. What we can do is live a life where we take ownership and accountability, and surround ourselves with people who are willing to drop their walls, face their painful past and look internally too. 
Set boundaries with people in your personal life who refuse to look at themselves. It’s often the most loving thing you can do. People who don’t want to change won’t change unless they find their own way there. They’ll constantly contract, and if you get sucked in, it’s quite easy to contract/react as well. Don’t do that. Live a life of expansion and growth. Do not be afraid of seeing yourself and healing your past pain. When you see the parts you’ve refused to see it – becomes the key to your freedom and peace.
Here I am in my late 20’s, sipping what came to be my all too familiar Bud Light. Though I worked as a Photography Director at a magazine at the time and worked my tush off, my personal life was all about party party party – which really meant – it was all about drinking, drinking, drinking. What I learned much later on in life –  once I got sober – was that drinking and “partying” was only a means to escape unhealed pain/wounds, as well as dealing with my own shame and the shame I felt from my family about being gay. As long as I drank during my down time, this pain ceased to exist. I drank like this for 20 years. Then one day the Universe said, “No more, kid, it’s time to face the music- heal or die.” I chose to heal and now I help others do the same. ALL addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work, gambling, etc…) are a means to escape unhealed pain – most of it stemming from our childhood and young adult years. If you are suffering from an addiction, the only way out is to face to music: the pain of your past. It will be the most challenging thing you have ever done in your entire life – but it will also be the most rewarding. I urge you to seek help and support when you are ready. ❤️