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@enews posted this STUNNING photo of TAYLOR SWIFT in #RED 💃🏼thank you @kimmberlee for sharing❤️❤️❤️ @taylorswift @taylornation
happy 7th birthday to the best fall album out there :) this album has helped me through so much and i love this era with my whole heart❤️ i i remember when i came out when i was in first grade, and i begged my mom to buy it for me on my tablet. my mom didn’t let me bring it into my room so i remember sneaking it into my room and listening to it with my pink headphones😌 i’d hide it under my pillow like a dummy when my mom came in and i did that for a long time after lmao. this album gives me so much nostalgia and it’s so fucking good, and i’m so proud of taylor for finding love that’s not burning red, and instead beautiful and golden :) anyways, sorry for being super inactive, there’s just a lot going on rn and i’m rlly stressed and it’s overwhelming. anyways, enjoy these super pretty pics of taylor from the red era, and me posing with the red vinyl🥵❤️ also i’m still and at the grammys for snubbing this masterpiece, but it’s ok😌
HAPPY SEVEN YEARS OF RED!!! Home to some heartbreaking lyrical masterpieces and robbed of a Grammy. Thank you Taylor, for this beautiful masterpiece  that I love more than words can say. What’s your favourite track off of red? Mine has to be all too well.
It has been 7 years since Taylor released Red, wow
7 years since Red released!!!!
7 years of Red!!! This album is definitely my favorite album and it holds a special place in my heart because it was the first new album that came out when I first became a swiftie! At his album is filled with some of Taylor’s best songs and greatest hits of all time! I’ll try to post more later about SEVEN YEARS OF RED!!!
current mood BECAUSE IM GOING TO LOVER FEST EAST NIGHT 1!!! my friend’s cousin accidentally bought an extra ticket in the rush of presale and even though I’m literally going to be sitting by myself in the 100s I’m so excited to finally say I’m going to be able to go!!! (but also still, screw the resellers. they suck.)
Happy 7 years of RED!! This album is a masterpiece and can’t believe it has been 7 years since it came out! Wow!! @taylorswift , thank you for making this beautiful album💗
@taylorswift album Red debuted at #1 in The US with 1.2M copies sold, is certified 7x PLATINUM and received an AOTY GRAMMY nomination! And we can’t forget that it is also the BEST SELLING FEMALE COUNTRY ALBUM OF THE DECADE, with 14M units sold World Wide!!!! Red really is a masterpiece!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #7yearsofred •
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Happy 7th Birthday to the album #Red 
This album is the reason I fell in love with Taylor and the reason I still Love her today! I think I’ll get a cake to celebrate!
Went to Vegas this weekend! Got to see @taylorswift ‘s dress she wore for her performance of Mean at the Grammys! 💜💕 @taylornation
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Thank you, China. 
I’ll see you again down the road. 
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look at her she’s stunning i fucking adore her my god
so. today is 7 years of red and i cannot put into words how much this album means to me. how close i hold it to my heart. how many times i’ve listened to the songs on it when i was going through something and was reminded that i was not alone and that, in a way, taylor was right there with me. she was right there. her and her music and her lyrics that have helped me through so much. i cannot believe it’s been 7 years. i remember when it came out and i saw it and starbucks with my grandma and i made her buy it for me, and i was SO excited. i would listen to it every night until i fell asleep and that is not an exaggeration lmao i probably used so much of the electric bill. but anyways, happy 7 years to an album that will always mean so much to me. and yes, red deserved a grammy. ❤️❤️❤️
stoppppp two icons in one picture wii-

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Song: Swimming Pools - Lloyd Ft. August Alsina
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Hey y’all! Sorry again for being so inactive. It’s been crazy trying to settle into a routine in college but I’m loving it so much!!!💕 I’m currently obsessed with paintbrush edits so this is a new thing lol. how is everyone’s school year going?
Hello how was your day???
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Look what AT&T did, this is so nice
I'm still trying to find videos from Taylor's performance, I saw someone post on YouTube Taylor's Lover performance, I hope he will post also the other songs
Taylor's setlist from #wecansurvive festival
Can't wait for pics like these from lover fest!!!😍🌠💕
Happy people💕>>>
I'm with you even if it makes me blue
Which takes me back
To the color that we painted your brother's wall💙🎶
It was a good weekend even tho I spent most of it working. 😂 My friend and I worked the same hours so she spent the weekend at my house. 😊 The weekend went by fast but no shocker there. 😂 
📸: Valheria Rocha | 2019
hi guys my stomach hurts really really bad also here’s this post that i made a lil bit ago but never posted
Went to walmart and bought food and shows. 😋👟 Living the life! 
📸: Taylor Swift "Lover" photoshoot | 2019