Instagram Story Save Tool

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• Why to use this tool?

As you are here, Instagram is not allowing you to download stories easily. That's why we build Instagram Story Downloader application.

• How to use this tool?

Its easy! just type your Instagram username and hit Download Instagram Stories button. If the accounts' stories can be accessed on public, we will list the latest Instagram stories to you.

• Any alternative methods to download Instagram Stories?

No. There might me some browser extensions to download the stories but why to install some third party tool to download stories? You Have Socialboor Online Story Downloader :)

• Does this tool has some limitations?

We are sorry to say yes :/ Normally our intent is to zip the whole stories for you. But it will use too much server resources. That's why we can not provide an easy download solution to you but when we can afford a better server, we will do that surely.