Instagram Realtime Followers Tool

With this tool you can keep track of your follower milestones in realtime.

Click here to use the tool. After you enter your username you will be redirected to the instagram realtime follower checker tool. For this tool, your profile can also be private.

Who is not following me back Tool

This simple application's intent is to find the traitors :). You will be get shocked when you see some of your close friends are not following you back.

Click here to use the tool. Just enter your username and in a short while we will show you the list of unfollowers.

Note: In order to use this tool you should have less then 5000 followers + followings and your profile should be public while we try to reach your followers.

Instagram DP Tool

We developed our first tool : Instagram DP in other words, Instagram Profile Picture Downloader with the best quality Instagram stores.

Click here to use the tool. You only need to enter your username.

Note: In old times, Instagram was cropping all of the pictures to a smaller size. That's why some of the profiles might have a lower image quality.

Socialboor is alive!

We tried to develop some tools for Instagrammers. While you visit Socialboor, you can find most popular Instagram tools to manage your account. The tools are absolutely free!

In order to use the tools you need to navigate Instagram Tools section from the main navigation panel.

If you have any suggestions about our website please feel free to contact us from our social media accounts.