DB LATERAL RAISES I would have to say this is my number one go to exercise for bplay_circle_filled
this morning as a last charge with yogurt of the monthly program I made a nice pphoto_size_select_actual
Shoulders! Alias deltoids. Trainen voor mooie ronde schouders, is een verlangenplay_circle_filled
基地ジム→やっぱりステーキのトイレの鏡が盛れる件→サンセットビーチでタンニング→明日の弁当作り。 日曜日やることやった。 明日からまた減量👍最高!じゃないよや(photo_library
Making progress fat is coming down and the muscle mass is going up😊 a first timephoto_size_select_actual
. . . الف الف مبروك للأبطال الاسطورة الكابتن ابراهيم طالب حصوله على ذهبية 🥇 مسترphoto_size_select_actual
Post massage feels; without the massage 😏 anyone else needs a shoulder - rub? #sphoto_library
Be yourself....everyone else is taken😉😋😑 #shoulders #tntmercury #TNTELITE #themophoto_size_select_actual
When froday lazyness doesnt win. . Have a nice productive weekend beauties! 🌱 . photo_size_select_actual
This week’s check in and I can see some noticeable changes! Pic on the left was photo_size_select_actual