Stay close to anything that makes you glad to alive 🍄 Originals and prints are photo_size_select_actual
When you was too lazy to draw another eye 😂 Когда ты слишком ленивый, чтобы рисоphoto_size_select_actual
Мой новый рисунок. Пока что карандашом #drawing #art #instaart #instagood #topcphoto_size_select_actual
Holy shit balls, Im really enjoying working with oil paints. The whole process iphoto_size_select_actual
На фото не видно, як я старалася штрихувати...як правильно фоткати малюнки?! . .photo_size_select_actual
Arkadaşlar sizler in fatih keçeli kalemlerin renkleri gösterdim. Çünkü bir kaç photo_size_select_actual
מחכים לשבוע העיצוב ירושלים 😍😍photo_size_select_actual
First sketch in my new sketchbook: the plant in my living room.photo_size_select_actual